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"Sometimes you don't choose your fate, but you have to accept it anyway, because if not. . .How will you accept your defeat?"


"Kane" Personality

Kane is a weird being to meet. At first, he appears chaotic and annoying, always ready to start a fight over anything he chooses so. He jokes about other beings problems, and makes fun of their opinions. And that's because he doesn't really care about how others feel. He is a selfish beings who only cares for himself or for some beings, but mostly only for himself. Hiding his true goals behind false nice phrases, he prefers to hide who he is at first.

However if you manage to get a friend for him, you will have an actual good frienship relationship, after all he is here to help, sometimes, his friends. It's not clear why he does that, but probably because in him there is still a bit of good. He is almost always talking, often ignoring other people near him. He really doesn't care of searching for others friendship, he knows that if someone wants to be friend of him it will be the other to come asking for it. In fight situations he stays the same, but he will start to joke everytime the enemy misses him, and most of all when Kane hits him. He will also sing and dance just to make fun of him. However, he wouldn't be like this, but being corrupted and shaped into a puppet for Kage made him like this.

He hides however a few facts that are only his ones. He has a passion for calm music, mostly classic one, and hates chaos when it directly disturbs him. He also more than one time fell in love for some other beings, but since it could be a problem for Kage, it forces Kane to kill them. This is why Kane will never get truly in a relationship

Kage/"The Scream of hell"

Kage (Or also referred as The Scream of hell) is a being formed much before Kane, and he is the one responsable for making him like this. It is a twisted, cruel, cold and sadistic being, that loves to give orders at others, and he's always, no matter what, very arrogant, even in front of much more godly and stronger beings.

Most of the time it sees itself above others, due to being an infinite-D being, its pride is immense, almost seeing itself as "perfect". If he was about to lose, he would give always the fault at Kane.It sees Kane as a personal object, almost a toy, in fact it never takes him seriously, it doesn't really care if his ideas are good, there is only itself in command, not him or tohers. It only tollerates beings who respects him and his "way to be". He hates all the others type of minor Gods or Gods themselves, and wants to kill them all at every cost. He often argues with Kane, but it is just for jokingg, since it likes to see Kane struggle trying to answer back with another insult. Since it has full control of Kane it could also take over and use his body. It isn't very difficult, but rarely does that because he is lazy and hates to waist time, and if it really has to fight it would take on its own appearence.

Because Kage is in fact extremly lazy, it finds boredom and emptiness in existence, and has an incredible attractions for the end of other beings/things. Like it stated sometimes, it keeps going in other dimensions just because it is aware something will eventually end, making Kage enjoy the show

If for example it had to chose if save Kane, a group of beings or an entire verse, it would save Kane only because it views him as a personal toy, something unique that will never happen to iitself again. In some ways, it can be considered obssesed with him. But there is a reason why: Kane is in part made out of Kage itself, and that shows that its obssesion to Kane is actually an obssesion for itself. In its mind, no matter how much stupid is the thing it says, it is right. No discussions, no reasoning at all


First Part

One day a being manifested itself in the 3-D dimension. It was an Infinite-D being seeking what dimensions could offer it, and this being went under the name of Kage. Starting from a neutral personality, with the only intention of observing life, and how it could evolve. And as more time passed, the more this being started to enjoy a particular part of life: Its ending. It had an incredible feeling for the end that it started to observe places where this event was quite usual, in the mortalverse.

And there it saw for the first time beings fighting for killing eachothers, desperation, destruction, suffering and indeed end of lives. So after thinking about it for a bit, it chose to unleash a part of its powers. . . .it ended up with the destruction of many universes, its strentgh was unrivaled, nothing stood between it and its own pleasure, and that cause a giant loss of Universes.

However with time a part of Kage started to refuse this path, it started to see what itself was doing as something more than wrong, it absolutely needed to stop, and so it tried. This part separated by the main body, taking a different form, and asked to its other self of stopping. Of course, the other refused, and a battle between the same being started

Sadly, due to being the same being, there was no winner, and the "good" part chose the only way to at least make this problem stop in the 3-D dimension, and sacrificed itself, locking the memory of the other half. And it worked. It worked because Kage at the end never unleashed all its power, and because it wasn't excepting it. Despite forgetting everything, it remembered it happened. And now without any ability, since it couldn't remember them, Kage was forced to exist along with the mortalverse, and this caused it to built a deep hate for existence. Something it didn't like and couldn't even stop. This situation however, changed when Kage went to an Universe of the mortalverse, meeting a human, Abel.

Second Part

In a random AU in fact, a new kid was born along with many others, and it was a normal one, like many others. His name was Abel. He was a kind of nice kid, his life wasn't excatly the best, he didn't have a family and spent his childhood orphanage, where he was aimed as the victim of many bullies, yet he always managed to flee before it got too dangerous for him. And when he fianlly became 18 years old, he left that hellish place, and started some important studies about dimensions. He became famous for being both an incredible scientist but also for his studies on dimensions. After 15 years, he was finally able to understand them, and made this public. However something bad was about to occur, a war between humans. The war in fact started the year after Kane's discoveries, not even between human and monster, only between humans, and Abel was one of the many people forced to join it. Actually, he was good at it. Just with a year of training he learnt how to fight pretty well, and due to not having a family outside the war waiting for him, he kept studying the dimensions during his free times, eventually fixing minor issues and calculations.

The war was going bad for both sides, but after 9 months of Abel and his tuppers actions, there started to be a small light of hope. It ended when the goup of Abel got caught by the other army

Third part

In the same time, Kage managed to get inside this universe, and for a long time he watched the war. He started to study how fights worked, and appreciate them ince again, mostly when more people fought to their limits just to fail. If time before Kage would have been considered bad, this one was at its same level, and after seeing all of this. . . he needed to follow this one path once more. But how could it? He didn't know any way to fight, it could not remember anything. . . but then it arrived where Abel and his last tuppers were fighting

He immediatly noticed Abel. He was fighting for protecting his people. . yet he enjoyed it, he took satisfaction from this. Kage wanted to understand more of that being but. . it chose that it was better to wait, it wanted to see him going through his limits. And so happened, someone was able to hit Abel in the arm and then successfully hurt his leg. But Abel using a katana managed to survive and started to run away. Kage was worldless. It wanted Abel to die. It coudln't help but feeling this. It wanted him to die yet he save himself, and this made Kage mad. So mad that out of control it took control over another human accidentally, and finally got Abel, and in another fit of rage it broke Abel's neck. And in its last moments of rage, it entered Abel's body. And it noticed that. . .it had full control over it, pain was now something it didn't have to worry about, he was now much more than a human, he was a warmachine, and didn't waste time, it finally had powers to do what it wanted. . .but when it tried to take over the mind of Abel itr found out about this dimensions things. . .and suddenly, after fully connecting to Abel's mind, Kage's recovered its memory. It immediatly moved out of Abel's body, letting him dying on the floor, and finally understood it was time to unleash its max of potential, and now unrivaled again, it was able to end that Universe like nothing, except for one being, Abel.

Fourth Part

Abel wasn't still dead. And in a fit of rage and adrenaline, he got up and looking at Kage. And Kage stared back. That one human was still standing. Kage wanted to give it the worst possible death, reduce him to nothing at all, but it got a better idea. It could use him as its puppet in the 3-D while Itself could meanwhile go to any lower dimension and bring chaos in more places at the same times, and so with no effort it gave a boost of strentgh at Abel, and made him its puppet by making his existence connected to its. However Kage chose to let him having almost a free will, after corrupting him, so that "it would be more fun to watch". And in the end, renaming him to Kane.

Kane now was feeling the same attraction to the end of Kage, and so in the end he chose to become a Universal killer, while Kage in the meanwhile had fun watching the show behind behind the scenes. And so a reign of terror started. Despite not always fighting and killing others, Kane has became famous as the murder by many in the Mortalverse, and eventually Kage made him also go around outside of it. Kane is now a being that can be often found near tragedies and deaths in the Godverse


Reliant Immortality

Kane is bounded to Kage's existence, so as long as Kage is alive, Kane can't die. His body can be damaged and hurted, but if someone was about to kill him, only the body would be destroyed, while Kane would reappear somewhere else. Unless the enemy has a force superior to the one of Kage, there is no way to kill Kane once and for all

Self Manipulation

Kane has an almost complete control over his body, able to regenarete it with an incredible speed. He can also change it as it pleases him, like changing his hair's color, his face and even the form.

Physical Abilities

He is has an incredible strentgh, making him able to lift enormous things, break the hardest materials with his only bare hands, and changing from things to things he will need more or less strentgh.

Kane can reach an hypersonic speed easily, and can keep going using it for an unknown time, however if he was damaged during a fight or he starts to get tired he'll have to stop running at this speed

Kane has almost mastered his own techniques of fighting, and his attacks are mostly based on fists and kicks, then moving rapidly behind the enmy and striking him with a powerful enough punch to break all its enemy's body

Divinus (Kane's Katana)

A katana Kage's gifted to Kane, Kane prefers to use it only against enemies that "deserves it". He sees this katana as the best way to attack he has, and most of the time he uses it just to make the fight more difficult. He made once again a technique for fighting, and most of the times it is for blocking the enemy attack, move on its left side, kicking it sometimes and the strinking the final blow, passing thought any defense of the enemy. His katana is able to pass through any any defense, careless if it based on magic or not. This makes the final blow the last thing the enemy will feel.

Keys of teleportation

Since Kane can't make use of teleportation, he uses these keys to create a sort of grey opened doors from which he can move to other places. It has however a field of action limited to a Universe of Normal size

Immunity of Manipulations

He is immune to blue majestry and everytype of code/soul manipulation, due to him not having any of the two things


As infinite-D being, Kage has a complete arsenal of absolute powers, and just by using its mind Kage is able to reduce to nothing lower dimensions, from little to no effort. It can edit Multiverses to how it likes more, even concepts themselves. It has often fun messing with physical laws and logic, watching people go insane because of that. Kage is also not limited by stats or any form or definitions of its limits, able to take the word limit and completly rewrite it as it wishes so.

Absolute Strentgh

Kage has no physical limit, even being able with a single punch to destroy a multiverse. Its speed is also not measurable in any sort of situation, as it seems like it can move anywhere with no effort

Absolute Manipulation

Kage can manipulate every single thing, anything, even higher concepts with little no effort. This also works back making it able to even having complete Manipulation on itself, making any option of manipulation useless on itself

Dimensional Movement

Kage is able to move itself through any dimension, and also make anything else doing the same. This power can be extremly powerful, because using this it can make anything it desire 0-D, completly erasing it.

Absolute Immortality

Kage isn't bound by the concept of death and life, making it also impossible to damage its body at all, making Kage exist outside of reality itself. Kage is in fact eternal, able to even survive the end of everything.

Absolute Syndesi

After taking back its memory, Kage understood he needed a power to make its own mind an impossible target for whose with such a strong mind power, and now Kage's mind has become absolute. It is immune by every possible manipulations or effects, It can store an unbound number of informations, even being able to make a complex reasoning, impossible for lower beings, in no time with no effort. Kage is also able to think at an infinite amount of things at the same, with no issues. No lower being is able to comprend fully this power, for example Kane still has hard times thinking of how Kage's mind work.

Absolute Cannon

This gaint floating dark cannon is able to shot any type of thing, bypassing concepts and logic itself, with no limits on them in any case. Anything of these cannons can change at Kage's will, and make them able to destroy whatever, whoever and however any targets Kage chose, staring from normal people to Verses themselves

What people think of Kane

(Everyone can write here their character opinion about Kane, just don't be toxic ;)

  • Hades: “k”
  • Clar: “My dad so cool:D”
  • Zerom: [* "Well, call me impressed." ]
  • Uni Ngana: "What an interesting character. Kage, and Kane... I hope to meet them again, such an interesting interaction."


JadeMaster!Sans: Kane and Jade once met and were about to fight, but due to Kane knowing Jade wasn't a pathetic being, and thanks to Jade ultiscience, the two chose to become allies instead of enemies. Kane finds him interesting, and respects him a lot; On the other side, Kage is very curios about Jade powers, and likes to study him and his movements. Also, the fact that both Kane and Jade like to fight, and their past is full of fights, the two get along very well

Zerom: He is a close friend of Zerom due to the fact that they share common traits, and they both respect eachothers. However lately the two got closer to eachothers, and Kane found out that Zerom has an actual crush on him. He still doesn't know how to react to this


Even if Kane shows to be pratically invincible physically,since there is no way to hurt him, as his vessel is heals too fast, his weak point is his mind: If you can distract him during the fight, you'll have the chance to flee or actually hurting him. Of course, you must deal an incredible damage, killing him in one shot so that Kane reforms somewhere else, giving you the chance to flee from him.

Trivia and Facts

  1. Kane is addicted to all types of alchol
  2. Kane had many relationships with other beings, always ending up killing them under the request of Kage
  3. Kage loves to umiliate the ones that believes to be able to beat it
  4. Kage is gender neutral, but often it is referred as He/Him since Kane is male
  5. Kane can have different appearences thanks to his self manipulation
  6. Kane doesn't need to eat or drink at all, yet he still does because he was of course used to it when he was still a human
  7. Kane loves action and horror films, and sometimes will try to repeat them with his victims
  8. Everytime Kage seems friendly towards something, it means it's its new prey
  9. Kane enjoys music a lot, and often listen to it while fighting
  10. Kage is not bound by an appearence, but it prefers using it for defeating its enemies
  11. In the period in which Kage still hadn't find Kane, it looked like a small black cloud with a red line as eye


Note: The skeleton design is no longer canon, don't make more art of it!