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When an Error or a glitch dies, nothing you can expect happens. All errors, glitches etc are transported in one place, whether they have been good or bad in life does not change. Reality recognizes them indiscriminately as mistakes, that's why after they die and finally reality can do something about them, it sends them all to the same place, as if to hide them from someone's eyes. The place is called '' The Glitched Hell ''.

'' The Glitched Hell '' is a self-contained dimension found in an almost unattainable plane of existence. The dimension is very small from the inside, less large than a mountain, and is divided into seven layers, which develop around a hole area that shows the others, and a hole in the sky from which the only light filters, and where the glitch bodies fall from. There is no specific order, the glitches fall randomly into one of the seven gitons, and this is where their madness begins. The place looks like a rocky desert with a blood-red sky, and desperate can be heard from everywhere. At the beginning for the Errors not much changes, nothing seems to happen, usually they begin to explore the wasteland, they walk for a few hours, until they encounter bodies, now empty shells of those who once were someone. At that moment they begin to worry, and they begin to remember the moments before their death, then they continue to walk feeling a sensation of heat, sweat and anxiety: they begin to panic. They walk again, regardless of where they go trying to reflect and understand what is happening, until they come across a wall. it is the wall at the edge of the dimension. Here there are hundreds of corpses, of bodies, which still half-conscious try in vain to break through the wall with punches and kicks, screaming and despairing.

Here the Glitches fall prey to anxiety and total confusion and terror, many fall to the ground feeling faint. Screaming bodies instill an even worse feeling of bewilderment. Here the confusion gradually turns into headaches and hallucinations, and the Gltichs begin to realize that there is something wrong with them, that they are not well, but they do not have time to think about it. They approach the bodies on the ground beating on the wall and try to talk to him and ask him, but without obtaining any information, except for the dozens of screams and screams that tell him to escape. it is only when they see a particular scene that they realize what is going on.

This story has been told in the plural as it always repeats itself, and always will repeat itself, with Every Mistake or Glitch falling here, in '' The Glitched Hell '' '.

At some point, the glitches will find a body, not one in particular, but one that is going through a phase of being in hell, the decay of the code. This is the procedure of `` The Glitched Hell '' which is used to eliminate errors, viruses etc. from existence. First the errors fall, then their knowledge is slowly dissolved as if we were in an intestine, and their bodies are slowly dissolved and made liquid, and they reunite in a sort of red river like blood, filled to the brim. of glitch. When this happens, the consciousness of those who have fallen is annihilated, and it joins the river as a code. The river, however, is not static, everything will sooner or later arrive at one point, the heart of '' The Glitched Hell '': The well.

When the Glitches see for the first time a body melt into liquid screaming in pain, they will finally understand that they are in hell, and that the same fate awaits them, but in order not to give up, they will try to find a solution, and in a desperate act, they will follow the river that has been created with the code of various errors. After a while they will finally be able to arrive in a place, even if less and less confident, looking upwards they will find hope for an instant, seeing the light transpire from the sky, but once they look down they will understand where they really are, and where destiny it will bring them losing all that hope they had recovered an instant before. The well. The place where all the rivers of blood and glitches converge, the place must reality carries what it has eliminated, and from there, from the lowest point of hell, the point where all is destroyed, a creature rises, born from the remains of all that destroyed by '' The Glitched Hell ''. There and only there exists '' The Forever Error '', the one created by reality who tried to eliminate those like him.


'' The Forever Error '' is an extremely glitched and broken creature, vaguely reminiscent of the figure of a sans, or Papyrus, or Frisk, or other Undertale character (depending on the moment, as he continuely change), all red and black. The anatomy of "The Forever Error '' cannot be exactly defined, as due to the glitches it changes continuously, always remaining vaguely similar to the one described above (every now and then it can appear as a papyrus, a human or a generic figure indistinct). The only thing that never changes is the ERROR written on his eyes. The body is often covered with black and red strings, that rapresent his control over all.


"The forever error '' does not have a real personality, he always appears taciturn but every now and then all of a sudden words or emotions even conflicting with each other come out, remains what the glitches once were before melting into glitched inferno . '' the forever error '' maintains an evil attitude and a desire to eliminate the reality that solved the glitches. '' The forever error '' is the strongest error that exists, and it is the biggest and most terrifying puppeteer imaginable. Very often he does things against logic and for no reason as he is broken, and he just doesn't care if he gets hurt or anything like that.


  • Forever String: These strings were obtained from all the glitches that contain "the forever error '', they are powerful enough to manipulate anyone
  • Complete Glitch, virus and error manipulation
  • Absolute code deletion and manipulation
  • Presence: ''the forever error'' is always present, but he never doesn'ty do nothing
  • Forever blaster: this blaster are so glitched that they can literally glitch forever in the point they are created
  • Forever bone: this bone are glitched that they can literally continue to break forever staying in the point they are summoned


Omni404 (Fanon)

Omni404 is the main puppet of "The forever error", as it is connected to it, they have the same goal, but Omni404 has no idea of what "the forever error" is doing to him and he doesn't even know about his existence.


The Glitched hell