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"The Third Infected" is the embodiment of absolute and beyond evil, even him thinks himself as a false embodiment and should die with the rest. He was made out of infected's existence and roams the vast hyperverse and beyond, destroying AUs and other Gods, which he sees in Error's eyes also as "Anomalies."


"The Third Infected" was born after the events of Alpha!Tale when infected destroyed it, then on the being died due to Infected's Idle presence, after that, the X-Event happened, which led to his resurrection he was clueless on where he was.. trying to reunite and find his "Father", also known as Infected himself. He realized how cruel gods were to other beings weaker then them.. despite he also has deitic aura and demonic at the same time.

He would hunt down every god he sees and kill them without hesitation, as of now he still roams the vast cosmos to find them.. and once his job is done... he'll eventually kill himself.



"The Third Infected" has a big crack in his head unlike infected's small one. He has one black arm and is wearing what it is which is looking as 200 Year old ragged clothes. Inside the hole in his head, there are multiple red eyes inside his head with black stuff (blood?) oozing out of the hole. Around his neck looks like a blue neck-scarf.


"The Third Infected" has a way more twisted personality than Infected.


  • Quantum Paradox Immunity: He is immune to all molecular and quantum abilities, even primordial and meta quantum manipulations, etc.
  • Meta Paradox Immunity: He is immune to all meta related attacks and can destroy all meta type of defenses, even primordial meta manipulations and attacks.
  • Conceptual Paradox Immunity: He is immune to all conceptual attacks , meta-conceptual, trans-conceptual, omni-conceptual, etc.
  • Time Paradox Immunity: He is immune to all time attacks, even those of outerversal level or primordial level.
  • Matter Paradox Immunity: He is immune to all matter related attacks, be it primordial or outerversal level of manipulation.
  • Reality Paradox Immunity: He is immune to things that tamper with reality be it true manipulations, primordial manipulation's, outerversal and above.
  • O.P Immunity: He is immune to all beings higher than King Multiverse, be it if they are the highest god or not, this term is permanent and cannot be changed by any fundamental law of fiction or even beyond it ( This does not apply to "The Observer", Op God 404, 4thONLY).
  • Absolute Cannibalism (Beyond & Truly Boxplex Level): Like Infected, he can gain powers by simply bitting them or eating them, this affects in a meta-physical way as well, for example: He can bite nothingness and will have the powers of nothingness, He bites something that is highly powerful than him he gains those powers and stats instantaneously.
  • Cleavers Of The Infected Ones: Like bones but instead cleavers , he can summon them and fire them at his opponent which deals an equivalent damage of 999999+ Googolplexianth due to so many genociders that exist in the Undertale Omniverse.
  • Wisps Of Beyond Omni-malevolance: These wisps come out of his head filling you with terror you can't even escape even if you try to get of the scale of existence trying to be hidden, it will haunt you where ever you are, what ever you are, even in what omni-dimentional area, it will keep giving you fear that you can't even survive.
  • Highly Defense (It Scales On How Many People He Bites Or Fight): This defense gets higher and higher as he keeps biting or eating other beings (also fighting), be it primordial or non physical at all, he will scale higher and higher as to which if there are no beings higher anymore.
  • Highly Attack (Same As The First, Scales On How Many People He Bites Or has Fought): This attack gets higher and higher as he keeps bitting or eating beings (also fighting), be it the being is a higher god than him, or even beyond the concept of gods (beyond existence, off existence, beyond the Ultraplex, beyond comprehension, beyond everything, anything and nothing ).


Infected!Sans (Reason For Existence/Some What Non-Biological Father):

Infected's existence made him. So "The Third Infected" or "Elden" considers Infected as his own father, and he continues to do his job (Quote: He was not born like any other offspring, he was born out of infected' evil intent).

Sans/Error404 (Enemy):

As a being practically created by infected would most likely be a high target on Error404s hit list and as The third infected is well Infected he would be seen to Error404 as one of his brothers killers so its most likely if these two somehow meetup Error404 will show no mercy.


  • He loves to play with bones.
  • He fought Toby once but absolutely failed.
  • He can only truly die if 404 uses B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y or B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y666.
  • He always hated dog food.
  • He kinda trusts people, but more of the evil ones. (ex. some AU Charas)