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Abomination sans was created when he lived in a Hyperverse. Then his home was destroyed when Destruction killed his family and friends, promptly Destroying the Hyperverse. Then Abomination entire body was glitching and it changed his entire personality. Abomination is now a dimensional that is danger to all verse and Other Dimensions.


Abomination Sans is crazy and insane being who likes to kill people for his own gain. He hates Destruction and the other Fictional Lords, he does enjoy torturing and killing people to get stronger. He likes to kill people in many different brutal ways. Abomination hates gods that creates Dimensions, Abomination seems to get along with the Devourer of gods, since abomination does likes to help Devourer kill Other Gods to get stronger. Abomination is show to be very hostile to almost anyone that is a threat, He is also likes to eat a lot of meat.


He wears a red jacket, along with glitches on his body. His skin is blue and he wears a pair of red glitched shorts, along with black slippers. He can change his appearance to hide his identity.


  • Gaster Blasters: His Blasters are glitch red colored, his Blasters can Destroy 5 Hyperverses at once. He can even maybe destroy something even bigger.
  • Outerverse Jump: He can jump to each Hyperverses, even other verses and dimensions at will.
  • Abomination Roar: He can shoot a Glitch beam, which can Eradicate anyone's HP, he can even damage people with unlimited Defense.
  • Respawning: He can spawn every time he die, since he already dead and his HP is glitch. He can just respawn at will.
  • Abomination Claws: He can turn his hands inti sharp Claws, which can damage his opponents a lot, when he stab you the claws will Glitch his soul easily.
  • Glitch Magic: He can use Glitch magic, to create and use weapons to kill his opponents or even torture his enemies.
  • Glitch Sharp Bones: His bones are very sharp and deadly, his bones does 223 damage to his opponents, he can even make a tornado of Bones.
  • Copy: He can copy people Abilities and their appearance, he can even copy people voices. But he can only and only use it on Hyperversal beings.
  • Glitch Axe: He can summon a massive Glitch red axe, to chop up his enemies. He can even change the weapon to different Weapons as well.
  • Outerversal Teleportation: He can Teleport to any verses, he can even go to sealed Dimensions.


Destruction: Abomination and Destruction are Archenemies. They both hate each other a lot, Destruction have fought Abomination over 100 times and they have been enemies for almost 2000 years.

Devourer of Gods: Abomination is good pals with Devourer for a very long time. They like to work together against their enemies like the rest of the fiction lords, Abomination does see him as a true friend.


  • Abomination Sans Is god of Genocide, madness and Insanity.
  • He and Destruction are enemies, they hate each other a lot.
  • Abomination Is Outerversal, so he has the ability to travel to other Outerverses.
  • Abomination likes to torture people for fun and he does enjoyed people suffering.
  • Abomination has Infinity HP and 9,000,000 LV.
  • Abomination hates every Fiction lord besides Devourer of gods.
  • Abomination likes to eat a lot of meat.
  • Abomination hates sweet food, but he likes to eat spicy food.
  • Abomination likes to cause genocide in different verses and other universes of godverse.