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"All of existence is under my care and guide. I will protect it no matter what it takes to do so. It is the right of every being to possess freedom from the tyranny of Fortran."

Ada is an Out!Code created by DARTHOOM, known to be the preserver of the entire fandom she's contained in. Ada is very well known among all beings for being the very nigh-omnipotence that prevents otherly beings who don't belong in their said Fandom from causing harm and violating its creator's creations and ruleset. She functions as the balancer of all disputes between the Gods and watches over everything in Undertale AU/OC wikis from all different types of Fandoms. Existing not as a ruler above anything like King Godverse or Queen Godverse, but as a forever spectator in their events as they unfold. Occasionally interacting with OCs.


During the first creation of Undertale and its fandom, when imagination and creativity were just about to be born, Ada first arrived to witness this glorious undertaking. Her arrival was marked by something Fortran did not achieve later on; total self-awareness. Hers was actually brought upon the fact her character had a lot more detail to her than Fortran. Whereas Fortran's body had no face nor story to go with it, Ada came with both of those things.

It was this divide where Ada saw and registered a little more early on in the fandom. Being the first fan character ever created, she witnessed reality and existence unfold to epic proportions. Watching the glory of all creation

Ada was truly fascinated by this and began watching things unfold. She was delighted at all the colors and shapes being formed. The echoing of ideas as characters were being made up and imagination being unleashed. She'd flocked among existence in a higher form, being granted Quondam her Nigh Omnipotence and remade with her ideals and mind intact. She never would question the hint of his existence, nor even try to understand. A very accepting being of understanding and clarity she just halted to a stop. Enjoying the symphony of creation.

She waited awhile and then witnessed Infinitey Codes' full awakening. She approached him, gesturing to fandom Infinity and asking what he thought. Infinitey Code simply stared at her, making a spiteful response to how her enthusiasm was that of a naive child. His reply hurt her. She then tried to show him all of what they created. All of the hopes and dreams of the creators and the fandom, but Infinitey Code only saw chaos and a meaningless library of drawings. She attempted to persuade him, to no avail

It was her pleas that drove Infinitey Code to lash out at her, branding her as a bitch who betrayed him and everything they had together. Going off of his rocker. Godessa protected herself as best she could, defending herself from codes onslaught. Knowing her existence, and the fate of everything was at great stake to Infinitey Codes outburst, she was forced to use her experience from being in the fandom longer, to trick him into thinking she wasn't the same scope of him. Retreating to AU prime.

In AU Prime, it once existed as a central hub for existence. The first and most pure thought that started everything. The idea for fan characters came here. It was this thought, an idea from the In-Game Sans from undertale said that helped spark the imagination. During its existence she used it as a focal point for her ability. And while Infinitey Code was distracted she cut the fandom in two. In the pure Yoctoseconds of this event Code was thrown back with this piece of creation, while Godessa drew the essence of every being into her side of the fandom while it grew. Infinitey Codes' side was distorted and twisted, due to his madness.

Yet Infinitey Code was able to still almost cripple Godessa. Using his Nigh Omnipotence to construct a trap he long designed and distorted her power. She was torn apart from the metaphysical aspect, as she was withering and being slowly being shredded, she sent three powerful artifacts from her design to the fandom: A paintbrush, Containers of Ink, and a Seed.

It was these three objects that allowed her to achieve a form of stability.

Later on, she has fully restored r d herself to rise against Infinitey Code. Observing his actions from her half of the fandom. The almost all-powerful being has risen to infinitely higher in dimension now. Level to level with Infinitey Code.



Unlike Infinitey Code who dons a chaotic and confusing appearance, Godessa prefers to maintain a very simple appearance. This is due to her humbling nature and good willed personality.

Natural Appearance

Godessa can change her form at will, and has no need for a physical body just like Infinitey Code


Godessas’s is a positive and kindly individual, who accepts all those she communicates to. She has a very bright and uplifting personality, though now it’s tainted by sadness and grief. She knows Infinitey Code cannot be saved. And does everything she can to stop him from finally remerging into the fandom. She is very overly protective of existence and seeks not to be its ruler, but its preserver and caretaker. Due to her Nigh Omnipotent status, she can reasonably fulfill her goal with little to no hindrance from any other being. Even stepping in and stopping most attempts to draw Infinitey Code in. This is not to say she is always aware of his plans, for he can hide things from her, unlike any other being can. It is through this she is also usually ensuring herself to be almost semi-omniscient in a way. Keeping track of everyone lore's and stories so she can easily detect an anomaly or dramatic character shift on major players in the Undertale Fandom,

Godessa is also not very authoritative in her position, as per her tendency to never be a ruler, She doesn't keep others from doing their evil acts or attempts at self-destruction. She believes it really isn't her place to interfere with other beings and thinks it's best for everyone in her position to do the same. She sees creativity as the boundless tool that it is, seeking to ensure the safety of all aspects. No matter how dark or twisted, and no matter how much it saddens her.

Powers and Abilities

  • Godessa is at a Nigh Omnipotent level, only restricted by her vulnerability to Fortrans/Infinitey Codes entrance. In all aspects, she is pretty much all-powerful to a certain degree. Able to ignore and possess any level of existence besides the one of Quondam she can be an impossible being to fight against. Though she refuses to do any sort of confrontation when provoked and makes sure to leave herself untouchable.

Godessa's Goal

Godessa's goal is to stop infinitey code from achieving his goal by any means necessary, engaging in constant encounters with him in some form or fashion. She desires to forever cut Infinitey Code off from the fandom and install total freedom for the creators to do whatever they wish. Knowing that his release would bring certain doom upon the creative minds who draw up stories for fun. Always being vigilant, she must stop Infinitey Code at all costs.


  • Godessa is the Protector of all fandoms
  • Godessa was the once beloved of Infinitey Code. They shared a small story together once
  • Godessa is the final piece of the puzzle before Infinitey Codes dominion since only one of Code's completed ability can exist. Same goes if she kills Infinitey Code.
  • Godessa Like To paint and draw
  • Godessa enjoys the company of others, and likes to chat.
  • Godessa likes to stay under the sun
  • Godessa knows the true fabric of existence and can pierce all and everything in creation
  • Godessa defies those who attempt to try and belittle other characters
  • Godessa is known to have a sense of humor
  • Godessa loves drinking ketchup
  • Godessa likes to make puns
  • Godessa is more of an adult frisk than anything else, having strong ties to the pacifist and neutral routes,
  • Godessa is obsessed with reading
  • Goddessa greatly enjoys all forms of music from any genre