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Trackrays Trackrays 21 days ago

4th Wall Sans Preboot

"y'know, it's kinda funny. no matter how powerful we are, no matter how many times we kill you, we can never beat ya. fell, swap, dust, storyshift... name any you want. they all ultimately died at your hand."

- 4th Wall Sans to the human in a Genocide route.

4th Wall Sans is an alternate version of CPUtale Sans created by Trackrays. He does not differ much from the original CPUtale Sans/Classic Sans, with the exception of his Omniscience.

Threat Level:

(Within the Computer) Standard Threat [User Form], Cosmoversal [Hypervisor Form]

(Outside of the Computer) Standard Threat [User Form, no Souls], Standard Threat-Multi Threat [For every 1 human Soul/10 monster Souls 4th Wall gains, his Threat level slightly increases, capping out at Multi Threat …

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JimedBro2020 JimedBro2020 12 June


  • 1 Backstory
  • 2 Profile
    • 2.1 Biography
    • 2.2 Personality
  • 3 Powers/Abilities
  • 4 Weaknesses/Flaws
  • 5 Trivia/Facts

Elly was born on June 16th, in a location called the Sky Mountains. It is where all the gods in the multiverse lived, her mother Rose, was the embodiment of life and her father Ooper, the embodiment of cosmic energy she was a 12 year girl and was nice, she always helped out others and being kind. One day, when she was exploring the garden of Pulchritudo and heard a noise coming from one of the bushes curious as to what it was she went over there and saw a young skeleton who was just a head, spinal cord and hands she wanted to say hi to him but he teleported away as soon as she saw him.

A bit shocked by this the young goddess went to her parents and to…

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new au undervirus404

  • And so...I will create a new personal au Undervirus 404 so far I have only blanks of characters as well as the main locations of the original undertale.
  • Huh well... I'll probably start (why am I doing this at all?)
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Codmhoa Codmhoa 26 May

My first Au

This is the first AU I have ever created. Please go check it out and leave feedback.


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The List

  • 1 Character Profiles
    • 1.1 Almighty Omni God
    • 1.2 Supreme Gods
    • 1.3 Supreme Goddesses
    • 1.4 Gods
    • 1.5 Goddesses
    • 1.6 Angels
    • 1.7 Humans
    • 1.8 Animals

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Disbelifphase3 Disbelifphase3 18 May



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Achromic art coming along! :>

Also Labverse, and other creations of mine might be updating slowly… The end of school is coming, and I’ll have to give back my Tablet so I won’t be on much during summer sadly.

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Metaversal1564 Metaversal1564 9 May

Daphne Anne Blake

    • 1.1 Natural Abilities
    • 1.2 Techniques
    • 1.3 Speed And Movement Techniques
    • 1.4 Physical-Based Techniques
    • 1.5 Energy-Based Techniques
    • 1.6 Transformations                                                                                           
    • 1.7 Super Saiyan
    • 1.8 Super Saiyan 2
    • 1.9 Super Saiyan 3
    • 1.10 Super Saiyan 4
    • 1.11 Super Saiyan 5
    • 1.12 Super Saiyan 6
    • 1.13 Super Saiyan 7
    • 1.14 Super Saiyan 8
    • 1.15 Super Saiyan 9
    • 1.16 Super Saiyan 10
    • 1.17 Super Saiyan x100
    • 1.18 Super Saiyan x500
    • 1.19 Super Saiyan x1000
    • 1.20 Legendary Super Saiyan
    • 1.21 Legendary Super Saiyan 2
    • 1.22 Legendary Super Saiyan 3
    • 1.23 Legendary Super Saiyan 4
    • 1.24 Legendary Super Saiyan 5
    • 1.25 Legendary Super Saiyan 6
    • 1.26 Legendary Super Saiyan 7
    • 1.27 Legendary Super Saiyan 8
    • 1.28 Legendary Super Saiyan 9
    • 1.29 Legendary …

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Infinity oc wip


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UnknownXDR UnknownXDR 5 April


Michelle (アシェラ), Also Known As Infinite Omni-King God (無限オムニキングアシェラ) Is The Queen And Wife Of Shiva And Daughter Ashokasundari, Jyoti, And Ganesha The Heavenly Light. Michelle Who Give Birth To Many Children Like Angels And Demi-Gods As Well, Yet Her Power Is Omni-Beyond To Stronger Than All Gods And Yet She Is Also The Goddess Of Tekken The Goddess During The Ancient Beginning, Since She Create Planet And Life.

God And Witness Her Daughter Engage Into War Against Her Rule When She Watching Her In Trial For Her Betrayal When She Killed Angels And God Of Destructions And She Was Killed Goku (Next Future), And Yet She Is The True New Omni-King.

God Admire Her Daughter And Yet She Love The Angel So Much Including Her First Daughter, God Along Wit…

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OutsiderNoneExist OutsiderNoneExist 16 February

The Scythe Guy

None exist yet...


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يوسف ٤٠٤ يوسف ٤٠٤ 16 January


كان مجرد يوم طبيعي في stroyswap كان storyswap ازريل يتجول في الغابة وراح عشان يقبل الرجل خلف باب الاطلال مثل اي يوم طبيعي لكن لما واصل وجد الباب يفتح فنتقل بعيدا بعدهة خرج بشري يديه ووجهه مغطين بل تراب شعر ازريل ان هناك شي خطأ لذا عندما ذهب البشري للجسر قام ازريل بخدعة الوسادة في اليد لكن عندما صافح البشري يده كان يبتسم ابسامة شر بعدهة تجاهل هذا تمامآ و بعدهة بدأ يتكلم عن اخته و انها تحب الاحاجي و بعدهة طلب منه انه لا يتسرف بشكل سئ معهة و ألى سريه المعنى الحقيقي للوقت السئ، وطبعاً الكل يدري ايه الي حصل نشوف ازريل يمسك الوشاح الملون الخاص بشارا الملئ بدمهة ولكنه شاف ان روح شارا امامه فأخذهة و قال

That dirty sister killer will pay what he done

و بعدهة نلاقي البشري يواجه اسجور لكن علي اخر نقطة من هلثه hyper blaster يقتل اسجور بعدهة يحاول البشري…

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Duckbo0i46 Duckbo0i46 14 January



he is very cold and silent,since he doesn’t have a mouth most think he can’t talk he can’t talk physically but he can talk telepathic.

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Kcabsioniluapnoraa Kcabsioniluapnoraa 20 September 2021



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SuricatabossPedro SuricatabossPedro 3 September 2021

Blog é vida

Olá, este é o meu novo blog.

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Error!Jeff22 Error!Jeff22 30 April 2021

I'm going to die soon

Why am I writing this post? Hmm, ah, yes, I'm trying to make a sheet with the most dangerous and powerful creatures of various wikis, but the problem is that there are a lot of them, and I translate them into another language. Can I make a sheet with the creatures that I have, and then translate and edit it myself? Can anyone help?

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