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"Not all can comprehend the being..."

- Labverse

Silent voids aren't easy to be at.... you should now shouldn't you friend?.. Enjoy : ]
Benard <3


They were born into a rich family with three brothers, and two sisters who always cared for and took care of each other. Their parents fought a lot due to their father constantly cheating on their mother, they only stayed together for the kids and the money. Cyerus was born after all their siblings, which made them the youngest, and after the birth of Cyerus their mother became infertile, and she couldn't have any more kids. Cyerus growing up didn’t have the best life at home but at school, they were very popular.

The popularity at school, brought up their confidence, and made them forget about the troubles at home. They were happy or that's how it seemed until they reached the age of thirteen, and they were exploring a forest that seemed normal. Until they stumbled upon a mountain that had a pathway that led up to an open cave where a deep-looking hole lay. It seemed to go a long way down, and it had vines, and moss growing on, and in it.

They went up to the hole and looked down into it. They shiver, get up, and turn to walk away. Before they could walk away from the hole, they tripped on a vine that was connected to their feet and fell down the hole screaming. Once they hit the bottom of the hole they were knocked out, but they landed on a soft field of flowers that smelled of honey, and lavender. A monster found the kid laying there, picked them up carefully, and took them back to their warm, cozy cottage.

They were then awoken to a sweet smell of Butterscotch, and cinnamon. They followed the smell where they saw Toriel cooking a nice pie. Cyerus was confused, and scared by them since they always read about monsters, and never saw one. After a few months, and meeting the monsters, they grew comfortable in this cozy underground. The ruins were a bit chilly but calming to be in, the Hotlands were fiery and hot, while Snowdin was snowy and cold, the waterfall was calm, and peaceful like the king's home.

Cyerus liked the underground but constantly missed his own siblings, and everything above ground but the underground was nice. Toriel is a nice mother to them, and they promised to care for and love them as long as Cyerus was here. Everyday Cyerus just missed their siblings and wondered how they were doing above ground. Cyerus when they were in the underground they would constantly go to the library to read since it was a nice pastime for them.

Cyerus one day found a book on monsters, and souls and while reading he discovered that the exact amount of monsters in the underground was equivalent to a soul of determination. They got an idea but they hated it at the same time they wanted to see their siblings again. So the next day while Toriel wasn’t home they grabbed the nearest knife in their kitchen and pocketed it. They strolled through the ruins leaving a trail of emptiness, and dust was everywhere they went making sure every monster there was gone.

After clearing the ruins they went back to Toriel's house covered head to toe in dust, and they went downstairs through the long hallway, and Toriel was returning from the store with some stuff to make pie. Cyerus walked up to her and talked to her about it, and she was concerned with the dust on Cyerus. After the talk, Cyerus unexpectedly stabbed Toriel until she dusted, and he kept murmuring the words i’m sorry over, and over again.

Cyerus walked through the whole underground just leaving trails of dust behind, and made sure there was no monster in sight. Cyerus slowly made their way to the king's home, and Cyerus was covered head to toe in dust. Asgore was watering the flowers as Cyerus entered, sneaking behind the king, and mercilessly killing them. Asgore turned to dust as their soul floated up, and they grabbed the soul, and absorbed it. Cyerus can finally see his siblings again after so long..

n o t h i n g e l s e m a t t e r s .

Cyerus went down to where the six souls laid and absorbed them while smiling. Cyerus quickly ran to the barrier as their soul glowed with color, and the ghosts watched judging Cyerus. Once they reached the barrier they stopped and looked at the judging remanence of the monsters who judged them, and the child’s souls who were saddened. They looked at their hands before breaking the barrier.

They felt remorse but they needed their siblings more. They walked out of the underground, and back to their home covered in dust. They walked in, and heard chattering come from the kitchen. They walked to the kitchen and poked their head through the door to see their family having a nice time, and dinner. It brought a smile to Cyerus’s face as they walked in and sat at the table but they kept talking like he wasn’t there at all.

Cyerus was confused why they were ignoring Cyerus, and a few monster ghosts appeared and stared at them. Cyerus looked at the ghost then the family was concerned, and the sister changed the subject Cyerus, and they perked up. The family just talked about how when Cyerus disappeared it was a blessing from the gods. Tears came from their eyes hearing this as they just loved their siblings, and hearing them say hurtful things just hurt them to hear.

They continued to talk about it, and Cyerus got up and ran off with tears in his eyes. He couldn’t believe they would say hurtful things, and they just ran back all the way to the Underground that was covered in monster dust, and ran all the way to the snowy forest, and hid just weeping their eyes out. While they sobbed, the monster’s ghosts' watch, and a familiar skeleton went up to Cyerus, pulling out a reset button. It looked at the kid with sadness, and pity before clicking it.

Cyerus awoke in the same bed that Toriel put them at the beginning of their stay. They looked around confused, and a few tears strolled down Cyerus’s face. Cyerus quickly got up, and they could smell a nice snail pie that Toriel was baking. They quickly went to the kitchen, and Toriel was baking some snail pie while a butterscotch pie was already made on the counter waiting. Cyerus went up and hugged Toriel as she smiled.

Toriel showed Cyerus around the underground which they already knew their way around but allowed Toriel to show them. They were introduced again to the very loveable monsters they grew attached to. After a couple of weeks, they grew close to the monsters again, and instead of killing them to return to their family they stayed, and had many happy moments with the monsters.

A few years later when Cyerus is a few years older they found odd footprints left in the snow near the snowy forest. Cyerus followed the footprints but after a minute they cut off like the person straight up disappeared. They thought it was odd but shook it off, and continued to walk to the library. The day continued as it did they saw figures from the corner of their as eyes, and when they looked nothing was there. Cyerus just felt very paranoid and continued to walk.

Cyerus kept seeing the figures all throughout the month, and odd things that keep happening. They were just hella paranoid from the figures, and random footprints they would find. The next week when Cyerus was helping the two skeletons with house chores they needed to get done. Then the ground started to shake a bit, and Cyerus was concerned but shook it off, and continued to help them. After a while when they were finished, the ground split in two making a deadly chasm that was underneath Cyerus. They fell screaming in fear.

As soon as Cyerus hit the bottom everything was black, and he couldn’t feel a thing at all. They were presumed dead until they could hear a slight buzzing in their ear. Cyerus got up looking around, they were in a black misty void. They panicked when they saw their hands, and just saw bones. They were now a skeleton who was alive, and well.

Cyerus panicked, scared about why this happened, all they remember is falling then darkness. They got up shakingly and looked around as their eyelights shook. Their legs trembled as they started to walk around the dark, cold, and silent void. They could hear small whispers, and they just felt eyes all over them. They just slowly walked around but nothing was there except a slight mist, and the whispering.

They panicked, scared at this point… were they really trapped here Alone?

Cyerus tried to calm their breathing, and walked around trying to calm themselves down. Cyerus suddenly tripped on something. They yelped looking at the thing that tripped them. It was a mirror that was silver, and had beautiful marks engraved on it. They curiously picked up wondering what they turned into.

They turned it around to look at the glass that held their new appearance in its glossy reflection. They screamed, and dropped the mirror horrified, and just grabbed their own face, and just felt around. Their breathing fastened at this terrified..
They were just a monster now.

Tears started to come from their broken sockets as they just curled up hugging their own knee’s tightly. They continued to panic, and just sob.. after a while the tears coming from their sockets stopped as they just sat there shaking.

A few months later Cyrus was just walking around the void, and they just missed the sight of people, and light. They got over the new body, and just wanted out of this void that they appeared in. They managed to calm themselves down from the incident of how they got here.

Every moment they spent in the void just made them miss the world, the feeling of the warm sun on your skin, and the nice smell of butterscotch. That is all gone now… they keep wondering what had happened to their world. They waited, and waited for something to happen… soon minutes became hours, hours became days, days became, and months turned into years.

No one can recall how long they have been in that void at all. Not even Cyerus themselves could. After a long period of time Cyerus was still exploring the misty black void when they stumbled upon a long strip of code. It was odd, it was just a long thin green line that was a bit transparent, and had little one’s, and zeros in it just moving around.

Cyerus followed the long thin strip that seemed to go on for infinity. They just walked next to it not caring how much time has passed, and not like they can remember how long, what day it is, and whatnot. They stopped when the code reached the end… they’ve been walking for that long?..

It was just a white void that cut off in a straight line once it hit the black mist void. They smiled happily, happy to see more color than themselves. They tried to run happily into the white void but were stopped when they hit a wall right on the cut off to the white void. They seemed surprised by what had happened, and put a hand on the strange force or wall.

It glowed when Cyerus touched it, and they looked at it very confused before trying to push their hand through this unknown barrier. The barrier bent a bit, and they just kept pushing it trying to get through to the other side.. they needed this. Something new that they explore even if it was plain it was better.

The wall/barrier bent more as they just kept pushing with all their strength to get through. Suddenly their hand cascaded through the barrier, and they smiled, and kept pushing trying to get through. Slowly their arm, hand, and half of their torso was through to the other side. They kept pushing until they felt an awful sting in their whole body, and they yelped but kept trying to get through.

Suddenly their skull just cracked from the growing pain as the top right of their head, a piece fell off, and they just kept pushing, and whimpering from the pain. They finally got their last foot through as they fell violently to the floor. The Barrier just glitched, and moved like crazy like something was wrong.

Cyerus backed up from the barrier, scared it might put him back there again. They looked at the bone that had fallen from his head, and it had dissolved away. They have never seen that happen before… they felt around their body to see if anything terrible had happened to their body. They only felt spaced out cracks on their skull, and their neck that was halfway dissolved through, and they seemed ok with that but freaked out. Only as long as they're alive then that's alright…

Cyerus then looked around the white void smiling before getting up, and wondering around the endless void. The white color comforted Cyerus as they looked around. Instead of being devoid of color they were surrounded with colors. Their eyelights shifted into hearts enjoying the plain yet colorful view. They started to walk around curiously even if nothing was there they just loved it.

Cyerus found themselves walking for hours, months, or even years in this void, and slowly got bored of it. Found it to be like the black misty void that they somehow started to miss. They perked up when they heard a low buzzing sound… finally a sound but not from them. They saw a portal that was a mist black, and gold that was outlined with misty golden flowers.

Cyerus just watched, amazed, and happy that they finally found something more… what they have finally waited for, since forever or what seemed like an eternity. Cyerus rushed quickly to the portal but stopped when a Skeleton stepped out of the portal, and stared at Cyerus. Cyerus smiled at the skeleton that stood before them, and instinctively bowed to the skeleton.

The red boned skeleton just stared shocked by this M1st4ke of a code that stood in their void. They straightened out their long sleeved jacket that was poorly stitched together by some gold strings. Smoke flew from their eyes into the air as the golden flowers that laid on its head shimmered with importance.

Cyerus went up to this skeleton, and quickly introduced themselves or what they remembered of themselves. The Red skeleton looked at Cyerus before introducing himself as Vivian the Fixer of M1st4kes. Cyerus smiled at that name, impressed by their title, and Vivian smiled back as they didn’t like this skeleton at all. Cyerus started to give compliments to the skeleton as their eyelights shifted into hearts just complimenting, and praising them. They loved everything about Vivian, and it was their first time seeing a person so they were just ecstatic, and loved Vivian.

Vivian thought the compliments were useless, and unimportant but accepted them, and acknowledged them. They thanked Cyerus, and Cyerus kept going on, and on until they had no more things to say. Cyerus just stumbled on their words trying to find compliments that weren’t already said, and Vivian chuckled then asked Cyerus why the many compliments. Cyerus then explained how happy he was to finally see some color that wasn’t black, and white, and how he finally gets to see a person other than himself in this void.

Vivian was a bit shocked by what Cyerus said but sighed, of course the multiverse would leave a huge M1st4ke in their void. They sighed, and a bunch of pink to red strings came from their fingertips, and wrapped around Cyerus. They yelped in surprise, and laughed but were amazed by this. Vivian stared at Cyerus before the strings tightened around Cyerus a bit so they couldn’t move that well.

Vivian glared as the strings started to pierce their bones, and Cyerus yelped but smiled tilting their head. Green like goo oozed from the piercing of their bone. Light green smoke came from the strings that touch the goo-like substance. The goo just dissolved the strings away, and a abnormally large amount of goo came from the piercing wounds.

The strings just dissolved away, and Vivian looked at Cyerus who just touched the goo, surprised, and happily just liked the feeling. Vivian was just confused as the remains of the strings disappeared, and they sighed just going up to Cyerus being careful not to touch the goo that secreted from Cyerus. Cyerus was just happy, smiling ear to ear. They like this acidic goo that came from themselves.

Vivian touched Cyerus’s cheek, and they Cyerus’s wounds went away as Vivian sighed tired, and annoyed. Cyerus was amazed that their wound started to disappear, but frowned when the acidic goo went away. Vivian looked at Cyerus for a moment before telling them to leave this place. Cyerus looked at them confused, and asked them how they were supposed to.

Vivian was super annoyed now they have to explain this to this dumb skeleton. Vivian looked very upset as Cyerus tilted their head. Vivian gave them a quick explanation of how they were supposed to leave. Cyerus panicked not wanting to go back to that endless misty void, and they suddenly just jumped at Vivian begging them they didn’t want to leave. Vivian hissed shoving Cyerus, and yelled at them angrily to go.

Suddenly acidic tears started to stroll down their face as they looked at Vivian pleading, and begging them. Vivian looked at Cyerus, and thought how pitiful they looked. They let out a long sigh before picking them up, and comforting Cyerus. They told Cyerus they could open a portal for them to leave.

Before the F0RG3TT1NG

Cyerus quickly nods, wanting to leave the white clear void that they were stuck in. Their tears stopped coming down a bit as Vivian hissed as a tear dropped on his arm, and burned him. Cyerus looked at the burn before whipping away their tears. Vivian quickly opened a portal for Cyerus to leave, not wanting them around any longer.

Cyerus smiled, thanking Vivian, and getting off of them, and heading to the porta that was right next to Vivian. Vivian said a weak goodbye just wanting them to leave. Cyerus hesitatingly headed through the portal curious what was on the other side.

Exploring the Flowerverse/Great Plains

Cyerus looked around amazed at the beautiful AU they were now in, and the sun was rising as a pretty pink, and purple covered the sky. The glossy grass just swayed in the field Cyerus was standing on. The aura was peaceful, and calm as Cyerus was overjoyed seeing this.



The ability to not exist at all, and leave no traces. While they are still here, the Multiverse can't comprehend the beings existence so when you see it you know it's there but when you look away you just forget it like it wasn't there at all. the being is also imperceptible, and is unable to leave any trace of itself. With memory wiping a strong memory retreiver power or potion can make you remember the being. Not many have been able to know or remember what it looks like but they recall seeing a shadow figure in the corner of their eye.

Abyssal realm

This being fought for ownership of the abyssal realm. In the realm they have void omnipotence but outside the void they are weakened, and seem not to exist at all. They want to conqeur the whole abyssal realm, and the other realms using their dead minions. They even reap the souls themselves sometimes so they can lead them there to use for taking the abyssal over. Why do they want this.. power, greed or revenge but we will find out soon.


They can be anywhere, and everywhere death occur, and this maybe to help their growing army. They reap souls that are strong willed, and powerful to fight. They can forsee death in any person making them a great reaper but the life bringers(anyone who revives or brings back lives) make them annoyed, and makes difficult to grow their army.

Impassable mind

They are very hard to predict, and such. Reading their mind is difficult because if you dared to then you would suffer breakdowns, and insanity inducement. They may have put this barrier up to protect their mind, and ideas. It even happens if you dare even try to control their body/mind as extra protection. Their mind can be passed though but it's extremly difficult to pull it off though.

Acid blood

Their bone marrow was replaced by a corrosive acid that can melt through anything with ease. If you were to land a hit on them, and drew blood it would spray everywhere due to the sheer amount in their bones/body. It cannot desolve through Polymethylpentene glass. It only dissolves a bit before it can't anymore.



Abyss’s Owned