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Fatal404!Sans is not Canon to AlphaTale, you can even check Alphatale. Don't bother shad about it. Also his cannon version is "here"

“Wow.., you call yourself a God yet you use cheap moves like this to win heh! I guess I'll have to put you in your place. Now then Let’s see how long you can live for PLAYER" -Fatal404 fighting the player.”


  • Fatal404Twin/copy is Correct!Sans since he is his shadow's given form/being/life, throw the Alter-Core and, in a sense, his estrangement from Him. He is also known as a elder god/ancestor of Fatal.


Fatal!404 and his family used to reside in CorrectTale. Fatal!404 was a clone created by Gaster during his stay in the underground, and by utilising DNA/Magic from Correct!Sans, Fatal!404 was created. When Fatal!404 was formed, he was deemed Sans's twin and another brother to Papyrus. Soon later, he and Sans would help Gaster create Giritina, an artificial monster that would eventually become a member of the family.

However, after when CorrectTale fall, Fatal!404 was ejected from his universe and landed in a void, where he discovered the Alter-Core. He was rapidly transformed into the person he is now after discovering the artefact, but he would soon go insane due to the fact he'll never see his family or flee from this void-like space. He was stuck there for who knows how long until he somehow despite the odds created a gateway to escape, where he saw Correct!Sans and chose to merge with him to protect him from harm. He soon decided to defend CorrectTale.



Fatal!404 is dressed in a white jacket with black, red, and blue striped arms and a fully black body, similar to Error!Sans. However, he has red and blue eyes. His T-shirt is green with the number 0-1 written all over it. His hoodie is furry on top, with red and blue stings running across it. He's dressed in white pants with black and grey stripes. The back of his jacket has the Ω symbol. and he has a scarf from his time inside the Anti-Void.


Fatal!404 is mostly a deranged psychopath who prefers to be alone and unbothered by others. He doesn't care about much and only exhibits friendship to individuals he thinks significant, such as friends and family. Correct!Sans is very important to him as Correct had always regarded Fatal!404 as if he was a bother when they first met, and he appreciated him even when he made errors.

Fatal!404, on the other hand, may be shown to be significantly worse than Error404, to the point that Error404 has difficulties talking with him. Despite this, he is scared of fan girls and is frequently humiliated by the rest of the group. Fatal!404, too, is determined to protect his universe at any costs. Fatal!404 also has a grudge towards Flowey, who has tried to fool him a few times. Fatal!404, on the other hand, is extremely intelligent and can easily outwit many beings. In actuality, Fatal!404 is more realistic and simply wishes to return home. He is still somewhat lazy and enjoys anime.



This is an ability that allows Fatal!404 to instantaneously read ahead in combat and respond to an unlimited number of probable and impossible scenarios. It can also instantly repeat an elapsed battle, allowing him to unleash many attacks in the same second, making it hard to defeat. Making functions like Reset, Overwrite, and so forth redundant.

Death/Resurrection Manipulation

Fatal!404 possesses great control over Death, making it impossible for him to die and allowing him to easily cause the death of others. Along with others, he can restore himself if he is destroyed, erase, and so on. He utilised this power to resurrect Fei after he had died.

Fatal-Paradox Blaster (Art by miss verniola)

Fatal-Paradox Blaster

These blasters were created to obliterate timelines and delete Out Code's. A single Fatal-Paradox Blaster potency can match the potency of 5 Error!404 Dark Blasters when engaged in combat.

Monochrome Tentacles

Fatal!404 tendrils can construct an extra-dimensional space prison in which he confines the victims' consciousnesses by manipulating the multiverse and exposing them to infinite possibilities. As more possibilities are acknowledged, more other universes arise. Because the "possible future possibilities" are changed into the "universes" as they are, the labyrinth's essence is that the universes are continually branching and developing concurrently at the same moment, where humans cannot recognise it. The physical bodies of the aforementioned "victims" are being left in their original locations or are slowly dying as they remain in that confinement as their consciousnesses float around the limitless opportunities.

Fatal Strings

He has two sets of strings, one red and one blue. The red ones are said to corrupt the victim's mind and manipulate them in all aspects of the mind and soul. The blue threads are utilised to manipulate everything they come into contact with, such as corrupting a being's body or creating new creatures and so on. They both have the ability to lock on to a target, and once they do, the strings will track them no matter where they are. They can still erase and delete data without issue.

Igniting Speed

He can travel at light speed and steal the speed of other entities.


He literally can carry Jupiter with one hand.

Fatal Bones

Bones designed to destroy Error-based Entities, for example, the bones can do major harm to individuals such as, Error404, Virus404, Omni Broken!Sans, and more. Despite getting reduced to dust, the bones can regrow and even be utilised once more.

Evolution Manipulation

Fatal!404! Sans can adjust quickly to his opponents. While in his base form, he primarily utilises it to match Error!404's (Error666/Puppet-Master) form.

Absorbing Regeneration

Fatal!404!Sans can absorb everything (energy, matter, biomass, elements, etc.) to regenerate His body, but the quantity of power ingested determines the strength and speed of regeneration.

Fatal Download

Fatal!404! Sans can copy the files/code of other entities into himself, making him more formidable in battle.

Omega-Breaker (Art by miss verniola)

Omega Breaker

Unlike a standard swords, Fatal!404's Omega-Breaker was born from the Yggdrasil system as a weapon capable of severing whatever it comes into collision with. It also includes a healing element that regenerates the blade when it is damaged. The sword can effectively cut through Space-Time and collapse the universe with minimal effort. It may also change size, becoming the size of a doodle sphere or a moon. Fatal!404!Sans may call it from a pocket realm or make it from bones.


Barrier.EXE is a system developed by Fatal!404!Sans makes him invulnerable to anything/everything. It also possesses probability manipulation, which means it cannot be harmed or destroyed. It also includes a Counter Hax Enforcer, which allows it to create Anti-Hax. In response to the adversaries. Powers such as copy, overwrite, power hijack, and so on have no effect or work on him. This rendered him impervious to magic, viruses, errors, and so on.

Fatal World

This world is a pocket-dimension twice the size of the doodle sphere (basically the multiverse). In this environment, Fatal!404!Sans has complete control over everything, to the point that the opponent believes there is no way to beat him and gives up hope. The location also absorbs the life power of those entities, particularly Fatal entities such as Fatal!Error, Fatal!Virus, Fatal!Void, and so on. In this Dimension, Fatal!404 has complete access to all information containing each character's abilities and weaknesses. Furthermore, he has the ability to affect everything from within said Dimension, resulting in Fatal!404!Sans possessing high reality manipulation within this dimension.

Black Hole Cluster

This is a sphere of antimatter encased within a spherical-like structure for easier utilization. If not handled properly, said sphere is very unstable and has the potential to destroy numerous universes.

Red Chaos Laser

He can discharge a combination of plasma and Anti/Dark-Matter at his opponent. Because of the Anti/Dark-matter incorporated into it, this assault can equal other types of beam attacks and annihilate whatever it hits.

Ultra-God Beam

Fatal!404!Sans gained the ability to fire a beam that can collapse the Multiverse when spending time with Error404 and Virus404. This beam can track the opponent even when time is stopped, traverse faster than light, and can kill countless beings an infinite number of times, and so on.

  1. The initial shot has the ability to either burn the victim or severely harm them.
  2. The second shot has the ability to vaporise any target in its route. When fighting Error!404 in his B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y Form, the level of damage was displayed.

Hyper Cannon-Burst

Fatal!404 will reveal his rib cage, releasing a massive burst of energy that will destroy the ArchVerse. Because of the huge pressure it puts on him, the blast can is considered to be used only as a last measure.



Fatal999 is just Fatal!404's perfected counterpart of Error!404's Error!666/Puppet Master Form. This is a very potent form. Furthermore, Fatal!404's skills have been maximised, providing him enhanced strength and mobility. The gap in potency between this form and Fatal!404 is enormous. This form revealed its competitiveness with other higher creatures capable of killing Fatal!404 in his base form. The problem with this form is that it appears to focus on short range rather than long range, despite the fact that its gauntlet's were designed to rip apart whole dimensions and realities with a single strike.In this state, the scarf can shield itself from attacks and create a barrier that turns any damage done to him into 1 and 0, keeping him from being wounded. Additionally, it may use as wings to fly or absorb hits from other opponents.

Multi-Dimensional Buster

Art byGodzilla

When Fatal!404 uses all of his might in a single punch within the Fatal999 form, that mere punch can tear a hole in the fabric of reality.

Omega Tentacles

These are the red tendrils that come from Fatal99's back. These tentacles can absorb anything they come in contact with and shoot flaming death beams from their points when they are unleashed. They might also reproduce or recover after being severed. They can change into huge heads, extra arms, or even wings if necessary. They have the strength to support the entire megaverse by themselves.


A form created by Fatal!404 originally combining his own strength in combination with the Alter Core. Developing this Evolution & Alteration synthesis, little is known about this form because it appears only twice in the story. What we do know is that it was strong enough to stop a tremendous blast from Corrupted!Toriel. F.A.L.L.E.N may also shoot beams through space-time and dimensions and t The capacity to move across many dimensions. F.A.L.L.E.N  also has the ability to create an invisible energy shield that transcends all space, time, and dimensions. Because its last strikes are the Chōginga-Laser, this form outperforms Fatal999's full power.


The wings fire a tremendous beam that is capable of destroying the Hyperverses.

Ultimate Laser

When used, this destructive laser destroys a significant number of Realities.

aRT BY Art by AndrewLight or Fats Godz/discord


Art by Dark-suicide

Unlike the preceding forms, FatalGod has its own identity, and despite the fact that his personality is intended to include both Correct!Sans and Fatal404!Sans's features, FatalGod appears to be distinct from both of them. Fatalgod is powerful and all-consuming, cocky and overconfident; he is frequently seen as a major threat when created, and when fighting, he relies heavily on his overpowering power and speed to outperform his opponent.

Fire Blaster

Fatal!God will unleash a huge surge of heat on the adversary, vaporising them on an unprecedented scale. This onslaught comes from the mouth.

Goldeon Beam

The opponent is reduced to atoms by a laser strike unleashed from the eyes.

Fatal404 Alter-S/F404.Alter-S

Admin240 Soul

Art by Admin240

After Fatal!404's merger with the Alter-Core and the Omega-Vaccine, which let loose his buried potential and made him nigh unstoppable, this form was developed. This form appears to have a lot of power because it could easily destroy the ArchVese by itself and take away 70% of the Binding Core. This form has a good amount of power and can destroy big Narrative.

Oblivion Cannon

Alter-S may launch an Anti-Matter blast that can utterly obliterate the opponent.


A Blitz Blade ability that causes anything that comes into touch with its edge to be erased rather than sliced.





<Coming soon>


Always kept under Fatal404's custody and never let go without his permission. He can even control other people's bodies by using their string.

have their own free wills but nevertheless serve him.

These are Fatal404's henchmen who report to him directly and can be ordered to perform things. They frequently exhibit some degree of free choice but are powerless to act independently of Fatal404 commands.

These are Fatal404's henchman, yet they still have free choice. but are more intimate and slightly private as Fatal404 trust them.

  • FatalBlade - Main
  • FatalError - Left Hand
  • Ultra!Sans - Controlled
  • OuterForce!Sans - Left Hand
  • Doom!Sans - Controlled
  • Glitch-Screen!Sans - Left Hand
  • Last Breath!Sans - Right Hand
  • Aeon - Collab


Fatal404 Only priority's current goals are to locate his family and restore his universe. He doesn't care who gets in his way because they are only small inconveniences.



  • Fatal!404 is the cloned brother of Correct!Sans.
  • Fatal!404 is terrified of fan girls to the point that he says he would be Error!404's slave if he sheltered him from them for a week.
  • Fatal!404 base is equivalent to Just!404
  • Fatal!404 has acrophobia.
  • Fatal!404 is 1-B to High 1-B on the vsWiki tiering.
  • Fatal404 is High 2-C to 2-B in the Godverse Tiering System
  • While Fatal!404 appears as a psychotic tyrant, he is able to sympathise with some beings.
  • Fatal!404 has a hate/brotherly relationship with Omni Broken!Sans.
  • Fatal!404 could rip 2 multiverse's in half with his bear hands.
  • Fatal!404 real name is Jotaro.
  • Fatal!404 is faster when compared to error404 and Virus404.
  • Fatal404 has a neutral relationship with both Error404 and Virsu404
  • Fatal404 Form Fatal999 gets stronger the more beings with the name fatal it absorbs.
  • Fatal404 can control other Fatal beings like Fatal_Error, Fatal_Time and a few others.
  • Fatal404 has the ability to adjust his height from 7,8" to 9' 11" whenever he desires.
  • Fatal404 despises the astral mother and regards her as a ???.
  • In most ways, Fatal404 is a better boss than Error404.
  • Both Fatal-error and Fatal-virus regard Fatal404 as a parental figure.
  • Fatal404 has the ability to duplicate stronger entities, such as Fatal Virus!
  • Fallen999 is a far more powerful opponent than you think.
  • Fatal404!Sans if from CorrectTale/Correctverse
  • Fatal404 is the god of Fatal/flaws, and he's occasionally seen in the vicinity of Virus404 and Error404


Art by Hero-Art(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6oK0qsr2i8)