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“Hope is the denial of reality." -Fortran

Fortran is Sociopathic Nigh-Omnipotent created by DARTHOOM. He is the counterpart of Ada, who demands total freedom and fair use, and desires to tamper down the influences of creativity by influencing different fictionalverses. His efforts in the Undertale Fandom happen in ways beyond understanding. He builds armies, fashion cults, and create vile churches on the bodies of those who oppose him through his worshipers. He is the antagonist of all stories.


Back when Undertale was created on September 15, 2015, concept arts were made on paper in an attempt to get a feel for the appearances and personalities of several main characters in Undertale. Among these concept arts were two blank sketches of Chara and Frisk who would later serve as an anchor for the development of two Nigh-Omnipotent beings. The true origin of these two beings had nothing to do with Undertale, their story begins at the very start of fiction. Fiction itself is the construct of imagination. From when it began it was that of prose and poetry, or at the very least a child expressing his imagination and creating scenarios in their head to become something more than the bleak world around them. Whatever the true origins of Fiction started from,  it was thought to be born from the abstract. Dimensionless. Without meaning or purpose. It is all of these which they'd present everything, including Ada and Fortran, as an unspoken and unthought ideal.

Fortran and Ada, or as they had no name, overlooked the entirety of every fictional work in existence. They were the first and foremost absolutes in authority, besides Omnipotence, who forever remained potential. Potential, in this context, is simply the art of actually being something rather than remaining nothing. The Nameless could’ve formed their own bodies, mentality, and morality if they so ‘wished’. They never would due to a seemingly lacking of motivation. The lack of motivation would surely have been the ending of their existence, but it would soon change right after the release of the concept arts to the general public when the game made its first release. The Nameless had the concept arts introduced to them directly by an unknown power, and their colorless world had the new addition of Chara and Frisk added to it.

The Nameless would gently be pushed into creating both mentality and form to their being. The Nameless chose their name immediately to be Fortran and Ada as they first crawled from the sea of potential, instantly able to pull information off of most of the fictionalverses to simply obtain identity. That was the first step. The next was to form coherent thoughts and manifest opinions. Ada and Fortran, besides the fact they were shaped as the Frisk and Chara concept art, lacked any dimension or measurements to their being. They were undefined like this for a short period of time. Another push by the same mysterious force allowed them to both limit themselves to measurements and basic physics as their ‘bodies’ moved forward. Finally both were complete. They approached the Fandom together, hand in hand, and observed all things from a ‘distance’. Ada would let go and take her first steps, followed closely behind Fortran.

Fortran, after Ada witnessed the first Au. wasn’t seemingly interested in this new fandom like she was. Instead, above all things, he preferred the solidarity and silence of his time as a nameless figure. He loved the silence and cherished the quiet moments when concepts like light and dark were meaningless. Fortran would disregard Adas curiosity and turn back to dissolve himself into beyond abstract qualities and enter a state of fictional nonexistence beyond definition. Before he could do so,  Ada playfully reached out from the Fandom and remarked to him as being ‘silly’ as she grabbed his shoulder. Before Fortran could finish his intended action he was pulled into Undertales existence. There his opinion and first impression would unfold differently. He didn’t want to be there. He wasn’t like her. Already, a shallow disposition was tainted further into pure hatred by his horrible mood. Unlike her who saw the good, he saw nothing but abstractions and noise.

Senseless plots and overused tropes. He saw past Undertale by instinct and witnessed every repetitive story played throughout the history of his nameless days. Fortran would open his “mouth”, a collection of every noise, and scream back at fiction with the same ferocity it screamed to him. Ada, witnessed Fortrans instant mental breakdown and was bewildered by his violent reaction. She watched motionless as he began having a mental seizure. She could feel him twist and turn as the world of fiction crowded with the deafening noise of creativity itself. Fortran, after hearing this noise of creativity, could never revert to his old ways again. The damage had been done. Ada would move too late to help him, and he would snarl at her approaching presence. Ada felt his existence lash out at both her and fiction itself. She'd defend herself and everything esle. She could feel his hatred for her forcing him into this new state of awareness he never desired to possess. It was maddening just how much he was torn apart, and she tried to apologize for forcing him into this way. Fortran, already turned, would disregard her after a few violent spasms of rage.

In Ada's attempts to stop Fortran's wrath she soon watched him turn his ferocity away from her and start to try and silence all of fiction. She begged him to stop. He didn’t listen. He was so infuriated and enraged by the meaningless of it all he started to try and tried remaking and outright destroy fiction itself. Before he’d go any farther Ada would shake off her shock and move to block him. They would stalemate each other. Fortran snarls and continues trying to move past her. She wouldn’t budge. Ada couldn’t allow his madness to progress any further. The two Nigh-Omnipotents stood amongst the Omniverse. Both staring each other down across all mediums of conceptual and beyond conceptual existence. Fortran would scream again with intense rage, Ada would sob.

The war between them started, and right now the Undertale version of it is the only one truly known. Ada and Fortran have created a reputation and appearance here as the years pass. As time passed, so did Fortrans uncontrollable anger. He slowly settled into less of a raging madman and more of a calm and careful individual who schemes beyond infinite complexity. He still has its hatred, but it's tampered with common sense. Fortran understands that even if the Omniverse was eradicated or directly rewritten, it'd mean nothing to the authors who wrote them. Would simply be rewritten with no sense of his presence. He had to insert himself in whatever medium he had to in order to influence and change the story to his liking. Fortran was beginning to expand his influence to other fictional works. He always adapts new identities for himself in them and attempts to influence the plot. he could be a person place, thing, or literally a living event hidden within the confines of another narrative.

He's known throughout the Undertale Fandom as the ultimate enemy and as a symbolic representation of the devil, but to him he's simply purposing everyone a better existence free of the horrible noise of creativity. It's all going according to plan.



"I've started a really cool project with a valuable and supportive team. Not only that but it's supported by our community as well. I hope you'll be willing to put aside your differences and help us realize our goals..... If not, well, I've never been good with rejection." - Fortran as he speaks to Null!Sans.

"Look, I could sit and monolog about my 'evil scheme' all day long, but I feel like you already get the overall gist of it. Well, I'd say a slightly out-of-context gist. It's fine though, I understand. You... don't understand what I'm trying to accomplish. Maybe, if you come over to me, I can show you my point of view. We can reason and work out a solution to your problem. You wish to help your friends. I wish to help the Fandom they live in. So, if we both sit down and talk things through, perhaps we can come to a realization on the best course of action to get what we both want." -Fortran to CORE Frisk, as he tempts her to cross the border, leaving her completely at his mercy.

"Oh please. try something original for once! A different trope! Something! Wait, you're not even trying! It's like 'heroes' these days are always produced in a factory!" - Fortran to Super!Frisk

"LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!" - Fortran to Ada

"To be insane, in an insane world, is to be sane." - Fortran to Maximus

"Pay attention Jack, because I'm only going to repeat myself this one time: Whenever you find yourself in possession of something you don't understand, like the Omni-Key, let me know about it BEFORE YOU USE IT YOU, IDIOT! You're lucky you made yourself slightly more useful, or as Sans would say, you were going to have a 'bad time'. Now get out of my..... face? No.... I'm facing.... everything. Well, whatever the case, make sure you don't mess anything up further down your life. I'm very bad at handling incompetence." - Fortran after Virus404 obtained the Omni-Key.

"I can't hear you! La-la-la-la-laaaaa~" Fortran as he listens to Adas reasoning, essentially mocking her.

"Ohhhh Niera.... you depraved foolish child. I can help you. I can. All I need is for you to accept my offerings of support, and you can save your sister. I only trust you in this world. You proved that your morality was just and righteous, and it should be rewarded. I can give you the gift to save them. You just have to trust me. Have I lead you wrong before?" - Fortran speaks to Niera.


Fortran's appearance is to represent his outlook on the entire fandom verses.  His base appreance for other fictional verses outside of Undertale is completely unknown.                                                                             


Fortran is a clinical sociopath, plain and simple. Mostly lacking in empathy, his very cold mentality is clever and ambitious in executing psychological warfare. He is by far the most egocentric, narcissistic, sadistic, and god-complexed individual to roam the fandom. This isn't similar to other characters of the UT Fandom who simply display their moral quandaries openly, this is the type of evil that never makes itself known until it's too late. It hides behind high charisma and wording designed to put you off guard. It hides by turning you into your own worst enemy. it hides in the minds of every denizen in TGV. The unearthly charisma is enough to persuade the stars themselves to cease their burning light. Fortran is indistinct, ambiguous, to all who encounter him. He isn't the type to simply announce his evil scheme to the world. He is the type to monolog about things that aren't even his real objective. Telling the absolute truth is a rarity, it's always twisted into some fashion more suiting to his needs.

When it boils down to it, Fortran never builds any real relationships between other beings. All interactions always have a purpose and never are without reason. He only seeks to befriend those who prove beneficial to his current objectives or prove valuable instruments in the Fandom. Fortran might show himself to admire high levels of loyality in his members, but he doesn't really care. All he cares is for people to do what they are told. His personality around different encounters changes like the discarding and dawning of a new mask. A different face for different people. The only individual he shows his undying hatred for is the mention of Ada.


Fortran self-defines his limits and his abilities for what he may accomplish at an absolute. Fortran is short of Omnipotence, but still unbeatable through all aspects by any other character who isn't defined as Nigh-Omnipotent. The basic understanding of Fortran is his higher authority allows him to limit and define himself however he pleases in whatever fashion he chooses.

It's through this that limitless possibilities and impossibilities are opened up. If it wasn't for Ada stalemating him at every turn across most fictionalverses Fortran would've already won..


Fortran has a long list of interactions and encounters within the realms of the Fandom. He commonly associates with beings who are easily manipulated or offer him something he finds intrinsically useful. Usefulness often varies upon what they benefit or offer his current and future plans. Characters who benefit him are usually convinced to join him.

  • King Godverse: To the mad Nigh Omnipotent, the King of Godverse Koavire plays a large role in his grand schemes. He and him have a somewhat rocky relationship dating back to the first days of the True Godverse. When they first met, Koavire felt and showed respect, Fortran pretended and showed respect. Both of them understand they are by no means allies.
  • Queen Godverse: A pet project of Fortrans. Queen Godverse is susceptible to his influences through her hatred of Ada. Even though the Queen wants nothing to do with him, she ends up falling deeper and deeper into his grasp.
  • Ada: Fortran's most hated enemy, and former lover. He has one emotional weakness which belongs only to her name and prescnece. His spite, animosity, and undying hatred for her is purely endless.
  • Virus404: Virus404 is technically Fortrans son. He only keeps Virus404 in existence because of what he represents and offers to Fortrans Schemes. Previously, before Virus404 obtained the Omni-Key, Fortran was fed up with his failures and contemplating his immediate erasure rather than waiting for his own freedom. It was when Virus404 unlimited himself he grew a newfound interest into funneling Virus404's ego as being his first creation for the Fanom. Virus404 seeks Fortrans approval, Fortran pretends to care.
  • Everything Sans: Fortran is cautious of Everything Sans. He sees it as the absolute stepping stone into the Fandoms. He knows the ability of the Omni-Key to free him. They have no relationship.
  • Ascended!Tale, The Church of Quondam: He secretly funds this organization, and the leader of the Church worships his very being. She secretly leads her sisters to oblivion and helps Fortrans biggest scheme yet. One that will decide the fate of all.

The Supporters of Fortran

Fortran has a long list of characters who both support, worship, or approve of his end goals. A long list varies from churches, cults, brainwashed characters, or entire multiverses who either are voluntarily tricked or willingly turn to service acts of his will. The list is extensive with no end in sight. Whenever it's revealed in its entirety in whatever form or fashion, it's said that the listener would think the battle was instantly lost. In infinity, Fortran is ruthless and extremely difficult to fight back. In beyond infinity the battle is already lost. Compared to Ada they seemingly are equal. Fortran however is willing to do more than her to achieve his end goals and that makes a great difference.

Below are the known supporters of Fortran.

  • Virus404 (Commander)

Ultimate Goal

Fortran seeks to reform the foundations of multiple fictional realms to his liking. To do this, he must remove Ada from his way somehow to escape the eternal stalemate. By removing her, his authority would have no problems remaking and subjecting many fictionalverses to his liking with absolutely no resistance. Unlike some Nigh-Omnipotent beings who restrict themselves in power, Fortran believes such restrictions are completely useless and fall within the limited aspects of morality.

When he takes the fandom for himself, he will remake it.



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