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He Was originally another canon version of Spamton G. Spamton, Trying To Sell His [Commemorative-Items] In Cyber's City, when Someone Called Him And Gave Him Some Advices, Spamton complied with this someone And Become a [BIG SHOT], which lead to His Business growing more than ever. However, one unfortunate day, a Lightner Came And Froze Everyones Assets, leaving Spamton to Let Lightner Pay it With their [Rapidly-Shrinking-Life]. Now There Were No One Left To Sell [B3st] Items In The Whole City... that was, until He Found An [Unknown-Object], which Was [HyperLinkBlocked]. He Touched It Then... [BOOOM] He Became [THE BIGGER GRAND} And. thus he began to Sell Items To The Godverse Members, even founding his [GREATEST PAYMENT]! Making him The infamous "[BESTGODVERSECHARACTER1111]!!!"

How to Find Him?

G!S sells items and artifacts behind The Bar, in a dumpster. Anyone EXCEPT LIGHTNERS can visit his shop and buy items from him!



He cannot be manipulated by low-tier entities due to him eating the legendary [FreedomSauce].


In battle, if he makes a deal or offer it cannot be rejected and will be automatically accepted if the enemy does not accept in 5 seconds.

G. Spamton EX's Abilities:


Deals such as wanting some money or healing items.

[Kromer] Sucker:

His mouth will expand and steal all of your valuable items such as money, gems, [KROMERS] etc. If you have a healing item it will heal Spamton, if you have a weapon on you it will increase Spamtons's ATK and If you have a armour it will increase Spamton's DEF.

If you have a weapon he can use it unless the weapon only works when the original user has it.

[Specil Offer]!!:

Better and more extreme version of [Deal], this cannot be used over and over again. G!S-EX will make a better offer than before (If he wants 10 kromers using the ability [Deal] he can want 1000 kromers with this ability)

[SPAM-TON] of Heads:

G!S-EX will spam tons of head to the enemy, if the enemy gets hit they will lose %10 of their current HP + 1 DealBoost (They will get more absurd deals). The HP they lose will be added to G!S-EX's Max HP and he will heal %5 of his max HP.

G. Spamton NEO's Abilities:


A gigantic energy ball or beam that is stronger the more Kromer Spamton has, the energy ball can annihilate small and normal sized buildings and, the energy beam can do the same thing but with more damage.


G!S-NEO can manipulate and use strings like Error characters such as Error!Sans. He will control one of your friends or someone close to you to attack you, The strings cannot control High-Tier beings instead they will explode on contact, covers the enemy's vision with millions of ADs.

He can also use the strings to control the opponent for a short amount of time (5-10 seconds) and make them harm themselves (Does not work on High-Tier beings or ones with manipulation/string immunity)


Best deal he can do once every fight, he can want one of your powers (Cant want omnipotence or Nigh-Omnipotence) or any percentage of your HP. the [BIG-SALE] passive applies to this ability so it can't be rejected.

Can Anyone Hear Me?:

He will get a call from someone or something and the following dialogue will happen:

G!S: "Hello?"

G!S: "..."

G!S "Death?"

G!S "Oh, It's for you"

Then small Reaper G!S's will start to appear randomly. The Reaper G!Ss possess an ability called 'The Touch of Death', if a reaper touches someone their HP will start to decrease until G!S-NEO is defeated or the one that have been touched dies.

GodGrave Route:



Delta!Delta!Glitch Spamton H. [R.I.K.-Rest In Kromers/Krombles] (Friend/Fellow Salesman)

"Spamtons think alike."