Godverse Wiki

This page is for the rules of the wiki, It is important that all users read and understand them so that a more positive atmosphere can be created. All users will be deemed to have read the rules, so read rules carefully.

Community Rules
  1. Opinions are normal but don't try to force yours on somebody else.
  2. Keep sexual relationships out of this wiki.
  3. Keep any kind of nudity or pornography out of this wiki.
  4. Don't make threats false or real.
  5. Do not bring up controversial/touchy subjects in the comments, including but not limited to politics, religion, or real-world tragedies.
  6. Spam is not allowed, nothing needs to be said more than 2 times.
  7. Posting Gore, disturbing, graphic and NSFW content to humiliate others is strictly prohibited and is grounds for a block. Sharing these contents in any post is prohibited.
  8. Don't harass others.
  9. Refrain from trolling other users.
  10. Avoid drama in conversations.
  11. Do not pressure users.
  12. Discussions are open, but no fights. Intentional fighting is strictly prohibited.
  13. Swearing is allowed to some extent, But we will not tolerate things like "This OC is Fucking Stupid".this is disrespecting someone's work don't do it, this wiki is for OP characters.
  14. If you break a rule listed on this page, ignorance of the rules is no defense against breaking the rules.
  15. Users must take responsibility for their own behavior and actions.
  16. Do not request admin rights. Not only is it rude, but it also makes the existing wiki staff less trusting of your abilities, especially if you have done very little to prove yourself as a respectable editor/contributor to the wiki. If users continue to pester the wiki staff for admin rights, first they will be warned and if users continue they'll get a block.
  17. Swearing is not entirely forbidden, but it should not be used excessively.
  18. Don't false report. In most cases, anything reported that does not break the rules in the staff's eyes will not have any actions taken against it.
  19. COPPA/Underage Policy is valid for this wiki. So If you see someone violating this, notify admins. This wiki and the forums are mainly intended for users aged 13 and above. For your safety, do not share any personal information with anyone on the wiki. This includes sensitive information such as addresses, emails, identification, etc. Sharing photos of yourself in the comments or in the forums should also be avoided.
  20. Mockery/provocation/sexuality is prohibited even if it is a joke.
  21. Do not post your personal information.
  22. Being respectful to other members is very important on this wiki, we recommend that you do so.
  23. Impersonating other members is not allowed.
  24. Don't be toxic even if it's a joke. This will only humiliate you.
  25. Racism is strictly prohibited! you cannot interfere with anyone's religion or make a mockery.
  26. not every rule needs to be written. You must act like a grown person and do not act childish or rude.
  27. If you break the rules intentionally, you will still be considered as breaking the rules.
  28. If you hate OP OCs and like more normal level OCs, this place is not for you.
  29. Using a loophole to get around a rule is not allowed and you will be punished.
Rules About Articles
  1. The Godverse wiki community generally includes UTAUF etc. It's a project that archives OP/Godly OCs and lets you create OP/Godly OCs. Therefore, it is not allowed to go off-topic.
  2. People who are seen as ruining the pages or bullying in the comments area to be "terminated" (aka banned) if you spot any of this message me for their dismissal.
  3. Vandalism, disruptive editing, spam, edit wars, plagiarism, vandalism, or unauthorized advertisement, otherwise editing disruptively are strictly prohibited, If you break this rule you will be permanently blocked. A user will likely be blocked indefinitely from the community without warning.
  4. Spreading misinformation, deliberately or as a joke, it is prohibited.
  5. OP characters here are generally limited to no Omnipotent characters and strong regulations against Nigh-Omnipotent ones.
  6. Use grammar, spelling, and sentence structures correctly. You can correct the grammar of any page.
  7. shock or jumpscare images are not welcomed. So do not place them on pages or you will be blocked. This applies to anything that triggers an epilepsy attack.
  8. Give credit if you're going to use someone else's work/art/image.
  9. We know that not everyone has a talent for painting, It is not mandatory to put pictures on the pages but if you do, the quality will increase.
  10. It is strictly forbidden to include offensive/NSFW/gore content on the pages, whatever happens if the character has one of those traits make a warning about it, so people don't accidentally enter NSFW content.
  11. We could say UTAUF wiki rules are also functioning here as well, this wiki is still WIP. So if an admin wants to, they can warn someone, block, or even ban them, you should be in knowledge of ethical rules.
  12. Jokes and Fanons are allowed, but state that they are a joke or a fanon.
  13. If you are against your character being used by another author, write this on your page, if someone still uses your character without permission, you can ask him to delete that part, but if the person using it disagrees, contact an administrator.
  14. If your page is still under construction, place it in the stub, WIP, and W.I.P categories.
  15. No creation of pages irrelevant to the main focuses of the wiki. Do not open pages unrelated to the topic, for example; do not open a page to talk, etc.
Remember, rules are there for you to have a more positive time!