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"gets eaten by the devourer of gods every morning"


He, his brother, and his father lived in an alternate AU.

During The Human-Monster War, Gaster decided Asgore was to merciful to defeat The Humans. So, with the begrudging support of Undyne's Mother, Gaster and The Royal Guard overthrew Asgore. Via Gaster's brutal tactics, the war was won when the humans surrendered.

Gaster lived as The King of The Monsters for a long time, and eventually had two children, Sans and Papyrus. Sans was his successor, being The Oldest Child, and had a different upbringing.

Unlike his brother, who was raised differently, and respected the humans, Sans despised them and would occasionally go with his group of friends to hunt down unsuspecting humans.

One day, while he was off screwing with his friends, his father was assassinated. Sans was of course, enraged, where Papyrus was solemn. It was discovered their remaining guardian had been tasked with telling Sans that his father's research had interesting information.

Sans studied it before his inauguration as King. During his studying, unknown to him, he was set to be married to a human. Normally, this wouldn't phase him. He didn't care about love, thus, couldn't care less if it was arranged, however, had he known, he would've n angered, due to his hatred of humans, especially after his father's execution.

Papyrus was dealing with most royal affairs, while his brother was researching into Gaster's research. Sans discovered about AUs, and given that on the surface, food and water was running out due to twice the residents, he decided to set The Royal Scientist, Gerson, and his assistant, Alphys, on the project.

Shortly Afterwards, he was notified by Papyrus of the arranged marriage, which, and I quote, "PISSED HIM THE FUCK OFF." eventually he calmed down, as Papyrus explained the purpose of the marriage, to calm the war between the species.

Then, Sans was inaugurated as King. He prepared for the arranged marriage, as he had to deal with with his responsibilities. Then, the marriage occurred, in which, both of them treated it rather awkwardly out of the situation. Afterwards, Sans returned to his palace along with the human, which he barely even remembered the name of. Afterwards, he learned their name was Chara, and that they were rather closed off.

Sans took some note of this, but didn't care. Gerson sent some notes back to Sans, and Chara felt rather depressed due to his lack of interaction with them. Eventually, as Gerson took on a role of Father Figure to Sans, and Papyrus was forced to do many royal duties along with Sans. Eventually, Gerson was able to kindle at least some mutual friendship between Sans and Chara, despite Sans's defiance.

Eventually, Sans agreed to do the ritual of everlasting. In where as he gave Chara some of his DNA, so that they wouldn't age, as Boss Monsters do. His refusal to do so up to this point was surprising, but it went as planned, and restored some of Chara's youth they had lost over the years. Eventually, after the fact, they sparked more of a romantic relationship and created a child.

However, Sans's research had gotten dangerous, and Gerson warned him of this, but Sans continued. Sans wanted to help his people, as their lives had gotten slowly better over time, but if resources ran out, that'd all fail. So he tried to activate the machine that would bring him to another AU, as he found that any form of skin wouldn't work on it, and he didn't want to risk his brother's life.

He was sent out of his AU, into the realm known as The Oblivion. There, his life was almost sucked away, but he was saved by a Godlike figure that called itself "4th Breaker." This entity said for messing with reality, he was banished from his AU and Sans could never return, however, that his abilities as a ruler were appreciated, and thus, he gave him a small amount of his power, and made him into a king of The Omniverse. Then, 4th Breaker Froze his AU in time, and told him unless King Omniverse could finally put The Multiversal Shenigans within his Omniverse to rest, then he could never return to his AU and it'd be stuck in frozen time forever.



He wears a purplish-blue jacket. He has a gold crown on top of his gray hoodie along with a gray shirt, he has a right blue eye and a left pink eye. He also has a long galaxy scarf around his neck and with a black pair of pants, he has pink slippers along with blue socks.


He has something of a short fuse. He despises having to repeat himself, and hates talking to most humans. He isn't good friends with the other "Gods" of The Omniverse, and actually flat-out hates them, so he will often either kill ones he hates, or just beat up and berate the ones he doesn't like. Outside of his treatment of Gods, he's actually a rather intelligent and fair ruler, and his former relationship with Chara caused him to respect humans more, even if he doesn't like them, hence why he doesn't torture them as he does The Gods. He hates 4th Breaker with a passion, as he blames him for putting him in his position. Despite having a lot more wealth and power than his old position, he absolutely despises his current position. However, he does respect wiser entities, as they remind him of his father or Gerson.


  • Temper. He is quick to anger, which could be used against him.
  • Reminders of his Past. If he is reminded of his past, he'll go into a temporary state of shock, which can be lethal in a close-contesting fight.
  • If King Omniverse use too much magic, it will make him very weak, which allows him to be very open for his enemies to attack him.


  • Omni King's Chains: He can use massive chains that are black, he can use the ability to capture and crush people with his chains. His chains are very massive and the chains can drain their magic. KO can manipulate these chains with ease, he can capture his enemies, although it last that long on them.
  • Omni King Blaster: He can summon a massive white blaster with purple, blue and red stripes, this blaster can do tons of damage to his opponents. He can multiple blasters at will, although this make his magic very weak, when he summons a large galaxy blaster, which will fires a beam of magic at his enemies, although this will drain his magic.
  • Omni King Trident: This is his main weapon of choice, he summons a galaxy like trident, which he uses for combat. He can summon it at will to fight his opponents. His trident allows him to fight long range battles and he can also block attacks as well, and he also will throw his trident at his enemies with ease.
  • Omni King's Gaster Hands: This ability allows King omniverse to summon 5 or 6 Gaster Hands, which allows him to use the hands to crush his opponent or fire multiple blasts at his enemies. These gaster hands are white and black, he can also two massive gaster hands to grab his enemies with ease.
  • Omni King's Bones: As a sans, King Omniverse can create, manipulate and summon multiple bones at will. He can choose what sizes the bones can be as well, he can also create sharp bones as well for more damage. He can create and summon multiple bones as a shield, although the shield o bones won't let long.
  • Teleportation: He can teleport anywhere. Other than sealed dimensions in whatever ways. KO can teleport to almost Omniverse at will or he can jump to different verses at will. As one of the strongest omniverse gods, KO can teleport to different realms at will, and he can also teleport to different dimensions as well.
  • T.H.U.N.D.E.R K.I.N.G: This is King Omniverse's first and only form, called Thunder King. This form boost his abilities for at least 20 to 25 minutes, he can summon lighting at will to attack his enemies, although this is powerful, this will drain all of his magic and it will take hours for him to recover. He will be open for attacks when he is weaken.



Omni-Restore is one of King Omniverse's closest friends. He is really close friends with Omni Restore and OmniGodity, he trusts them a lot, they also work together very well. He known both of them since he became king of the Omniverse. KO, Omnigodity, Omni-Restore and Cozmo are great friends and they are always together. KO asked Omni-Restore to always help him with close decisions.

Infinity Code

He is the only person other than The Creator that Omniverse fears. He has been told by 4th Breaker that Infinity is out of his reach, and he is not to trifle with him. He hates, but also deathly fears Infinity Code. King Omniverse and Infinity Code have encounter each other many times, to this day KO still despise Infinity Code with a burning passion.


King Omniverse was the first to beat Omni404, and by far, Omni404 hates it more than the other members of the omni team. Omni404 can't stand it, and while they often work together and on missions as a couple they are exceptional, they tend to talk very little, and have quite annoying opinions about each other, even though it's not hateful.


  • He is the Supreme Ruler of Omniverse.
  • He enjoys Chocolate and Spaghetti, as it reminds him of his Papyrus and Chara.
  • He doesn't like Ketchup very much, it somewhat being due to health reasons.
  • He commands all of gods of the Omniverse that are below than them.
  • He likes to chat with OmniGodity
  • King Omniverse has know OmniGodity and Omni Restore, for a long time.
  • King Omniverse nickname's is KO.
  • He is in the omni team
  • King Omniverse Sans is inspired by King Multiverse.
  • Omni-Restore are best friends with King Omniverse.
  • King Omniverse does miss Chara and papyrus very much.
  • King Omniverse is known to be very serious and he does get a lot of respect in the entire Omniverse.
  • King Omniverse lives in the center of the entire Omniverse.
  • King Omniverse is shown to be very intelligent, when he is making a plan.
  • KO can summon and use gold Lighting to fight off his opponents with ease.