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Minus is one of the major antagonists on Godverse. Minus was born out of the System Data, and he was a mistake. Minus is shown to defend the System Data from any threats no matter what and Minus is shown to be very smart as well.


Minus was born out of System Data, an area of ​​existence that collects code-based character data. His birth, however, was a mistake: being the semi-conscious System Data by nature, he had tried to give life to a being to defend himself against potential threats, and to do so he had mixed many codes with the aim of creating a being sufficiently powerful to rival. against the power of "The Forever Error", ever greater threat of the system Data. The "Assembling" process was a disaster, however, as System data mistakenly mixed the wrong consciousness and will data into Minus (The name of the program), which made the program a killing machine. However, System Data, having recognized the problem in time, decided to abort the program, trying to disconnect the connections with itself. Minus, however, being already conscious, held firm the "Rope" that kept him attached to the System Data during the process, managing to prevail while remaining connected to it. Minus lost energy after this, and was unconscious for a long time. When he opened his eyes again Minus looked for his purpose among the data, and among these, he discovered his mission, whose data were already loaded, that is to defend the System Data at all costs and expand its memory with updates.


Minus is known to be cold, merciless and he shows no remorse for others. Minus will always try to to update his system Data to gain the knowledge of the gods of the Omniverse, Minus doesn't enjoyed talking to people and hates being around errors and glitches. Minus doesn't like to eat food and doesn't care about the people that he kills, He does likes to change his hands into different types of weapons and other things to use against his opponents. He is known to be very serious in a battle and will kill any of his enemies that is a threat to the system Data.


He wears a white jacket with white hands that can change into different types of weapons, he mainly use his Minus blade, He has completely pitch black eye along with black stripes on under his eyes. He has no legs at all, Minus can also take the forms of different types of monsters at will.


  • Minus Blade: He can use his hand to turn it into a a massive black blade to use against his opponents and he can cut through almost anything and anyone. He can also chose what size the blade can be.
  • Shapeshifting: He has the ability to take the appearance of anyone to use to deceive his enemies or just sneak attack them. Minus gained this ability after being created, and Minus can copy almost anyone's appearance.
  • Deletion Beam: This beam is white/black that can eradicate almost anyone health to zero. This can beam can also blast off body parts of his opponents at will. His deletion beam can eradicate almost anyone's hp that is weaker than him.
  • Dimension Jump: He can jump to different Dimensions at will. He can also jump to different verses at will and use ability to travel through different universes.
  • Mimic: He can mimic different people voices at. He can also copy people's appearances, abilities and voices at will.
  • Data Status: This ability allows him to check the data of his targets. He can also use the ability to look up information on his opponents and he can learn almost anyone's weaknesses, he can also use the ability to copy people's appearances at will.
  • Deletion Ray: He can shoot a ray of deletion magic from his system data. This ray shoots very fast, the ray is white with black stripes around the ray, He can shoot multiple rays from his fingers.


King Godverse: Minus sees King godverse as a main threat to the system Data and he does try to avoid the king. Minus hates king godverse a lot and he does try to use his copy abilities to mimic King godverse appearance but it never works.

Destruction: Destruction and Minus both despised each other a lot. Minus does see a lot of Magic in Destruction, So he can use to upgrade the system Data and the weapons of the system Data, But he knows Destruction is a huge problem.

Good God!Sans: Minus hates good god sans a lot. Since he always try to stop Minus from taking everyone's else data and Minus does hate when The Guardian always try to come back for more.

Infinity Code: Minus does enjoyed looking at the data that he has on Infinity Code, Minus does think Infinity Code is very interesting. Minus does watch his back, Since he knows that Infinity Code and Destruction are Partners.

DarkEvilZero: Minus does watch his movements very well, since he knows how powerful he is. Minus has a lot of data on DarkEvilZero and he knows that he is a very dangerous being, he is also a threat to the system data.

Beyond!Sans: Minus hates Beyond sans a lot. Beyond is always trying to stop him from collecting data and taking the energy from the omniverse, Minus does despise him a lot and he Hayes a lot of protectors.


  • Minus isn't a sans at all, He can take the appearance of different monsters at will
  • Minus hates a lot of people in Godverse.
  • Minus knows about everyone in Godverse, Since his system Data let's him read facts about the deities.
  • Minus is inspired by Loading from AlphaTale.
  • Minus dislike Good God and other protestors a lot in Godverse.
  • Minus likes to use his blade a lot to fight.
  • Minus can only and only be killed unless you destroyed the entire System data.