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"I shall crush you in merely seconds! And the world will witness the true power of the monster you have created"


Omni-Broken is a being created by Beyond!Gaster after the destruction of their home by an unknown being. Omni-Broken was a prototype created to originally be Eternal but was ultimately unfinished as when he was created, his body became so unbelievably unstable that it created a huge explosion that ripped him apart. Gaster, believing that his experiment failed, decided to make it a burial as a sign of respect and tragedy, since even to this day, Gaster feels the guilt of his failure. However, what Gaster didn’t know was that his creation was still alive, broken and having lost its memories but still alive.

In order to survive, the Omni-Broken had to start absorbing beings into himself at a rapid rate. Seeing as if he didn't, he would not have lasted long in this universe. Not long after Omni-Broken seemed to have absorbed enough beings to the point where he could start to walk and talk, he came upon a large bird known as Tenkurai, the Demon Bird of the Sky. When asked, he was attacked by a group of savages. Seeing the beast, Omni-Broken decided to help it by creating an orb of death that sucked the life out of the savages, instantly killing them. As he checked on the giant bird, who at first was scared of Omni-Broken but began to trust him after healing their wounds, the beast offered itself as a source of power that would merge with Omni-Broken, making him stronger.

Seeing no problem, he accepted the deal and gained only 2/10 of its power while in his base form. As omni-broken continued to travel, he eventually developed the ability to open portals between universes, dimensions, and timelines. As he left the place he had spent so much time in, he decided to explore the universe and see what was out there. After being around the multiverse for a while, Omni-Broken started to regain parts of his memory, which led him to think, Beyond!Gaster abandoned him when he was created.



According to most accounts, Omni Broken!Sans is a lunatic intent on vengeance and devastation. Only a few people are standing in his way. Omni Broken!Sans is rather manipulative and ruthless, viewing only a few individuals worthy of his respect or friendship, such as Tenkurai, whom Omni Broken!Sans regards as his best friend and sole ally. In battle, Omni Broken!Sans is an excellent strategist who may be difficult to outwit on his own. When faced with a difficult conflict, he seeks guidance from a book titled The Art of War. He frequently finds amusement in terrible movies or cruel material that would make a normal person sick, especially when the main character becomes evil or is betrayed as the villain. It's really satisfying to see how the people in question appear.

He has shown mercy on a few occasions, most notably when attempting to persuade other members of his family to join his army. He has no interest in getting a date, nor does he wish for one, because he considers such things to be a waste of time, and he does not have the time to worry about it. Omni Broken!Sans can be a little foolish in that he has the least amount of understanding about certain topics, such as monopoly, where he frequently throws the board at his opponent upon losing. Beyond!Gaster is one of the issues that Omni Broken!Sans possesses. Gaster despises himself to the point of hatred. But regardless, to this day, he retains a great bond to his father


  • Broken Inforcer: The Broken Inforcer is a power that enables OmniBroken to manipulate causality in order to outdo opponents by either setting their actions back to zero or rewriting the world around him. This primarily assisted them in overcoming Fatal404's Fatal-Infocer, which gave him virtually unlimited battlefield vision.
  • Crimson Thunder: An amazingly powerful strike that Omni-Broken can call upon by activating a red magic circle that sends forth a strong red lightning bolt. That will then proceed to ignore any and all defenses to hit the target directly by obliterating them at the quantum level. When not at maximum power, this assault power can destroy a small city, a mountain, and even a significant number of universes.
  • Black-Hole Cluster: Omni-Broken has the ability to create a micro black hole around his hands, which he can later combine into a larger black hole and blast towards the foe. When let loose, the black hole continues to devour everything in its path until Omni-Broken eventually stops it. The target(s) are pulled into the black hole and kept there until they explode or break. The black hole has the capacity to consume many universes, even Dimensions.
  • Immortality: Omni-Broken has some sort of immortality thanks to Tenkurai, who was cursed by the gods a long time ago.
  • AAR: These skills are due to Omni Broken!Sans's ongoing development, since he was claimed to have eaten an insect that had the potential to automatically become stronger based on what it had eaten as he was putting himself back together. As a result, he proceeded to consume other entities, gaining their powers while also being able to adapt to them. He quickly discovered that he could replenish his body at a high level as he improved his absorption skills, to the point where even if he absorbs a critical amount of damage, his body will heal from it like nothing. He can also absorb beams and energy assaults, although he prefers not to because they frequently leave a terrible taste in his mouth.
  • Eraser Claws: Anything that comes into touch with his fingers is erased/deleted rather than slashed, along with the fact that it can avoid other creatures' defences.
  • Space-Time Crusher: He locks the opponent in compressed space, time by opening a pocket dimension. before destroys the whole dimension it constructed to eliminate the opponent after capturing them. This attack, however, can be mitigated by constructing a gateway outside of the pocket realm.
  • Countless Ranger; Omni-Broken will begin to open up an unlimited number of wormholes around himself before firing into them. The wormhole will then begin to fire off beams from higher dimesions, trapping the opponent.
  • Distortion Blaster; When fired, Omni Broken!Sans unleashes an enormous amount of power capable of altering time, space, and even other dimesions, This attack was able to annihilate an 11D creature in a few shots.
  • Hell Storm: The Hell storm is a attck that Omni Broken!Sans uses by launching a massive cyclone of hell fire at the opponent. Annihilating them both physically and spiritually The scale of the onslaught may range from killing entire cities to destroying entire plants and even reality itself.
  • Universal Presence: Upon entering a new universe Omni Broken! Sans' presence will begin to crush the code within the universe, causing the code to be tear or wiped. After a few minutes, the universe will be a husk of its former self, resulting in the universe's death; the destiny that occurs to the universe is the big rip. A hypothetical cosmological model of the universe's ultimate fate, in which the universe's matter, from stars and galaxies to atoms and subatomic particles, and even spacetime itself, is gradually torn apart by the universe's expansion at some point in the future, until distances between particles become infinite.
  • Hades-Blades: He has a powerful sword that he uses to strike down his opponents with furious attacks. This blade can be covered in black fire, which burns the opponent's soul when it makes contact, or it can cast a spell called "Hexus Rebirth."
  • Hexus Rebirth: Hexus Rebirth is an attack in which Omni-Broken covers his sword in a couting of unkown power that originates from a dimesion said to be beyond the 17th dimesion. Once covered, he will charge at the enemy with full force. As he does, the power will begin to cover his whole body as he goes faster. Soon he will charge at the opponent, pircing their bodies before making a massive reality-destructing explotion behind him.
  • Darkness-Nova: The Dark Nova is an attack in which Omni-Broken will collect energy around himself, creating 12 different glowing spheres that come from his arms and hurl at the opponent by putting all his destructive power into a single target . He will unleash that energy into 12 different rays that pass through the 12 dimensions before hitting the target and causing a dimesion exploution that destroys higher dimesions that are above the 15th dimension.


Neo Phantom

Info: Too be added.

Full Possession mode

Info: Full Possession Mode is a state in which Omni-Broken can activate upon giving Tenkurai full control over his body for a limited amount of time. However, his powers are fully unleashed during this time and can increase the longer he fights, as Tenkurai is growing stronger and stronger the more his body fights and adapts to his opponents. This also increased their other powers, abilities, and upgraded their weapons.


Omni Broken!Sans appears to weak to mind attacks or mind manipulation, this was demonstrated while he was under the influence of Corrupted!Toriel, even if it was just for a short while.


  • Omni-broken does have reality-warping powers.
  • Omni-Broken is able to destroy an entire universe with his mere presence alone.
  • Omni-Broken can control other beings.
  • Omni-Broken is physically strong, able to lift at least about 5053 kg.
  • Omni-Broken is pretty much FTL but it is known by how much.
  • Omni-Broken real name is hades