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Miala: “So… where did you come from?"

Godessa: “Hm? What do you mean?”

Miala: “I mean, where did you come from? Did you just start to exist? Or did something make you?”

Godessa: “Well, we were drawn up by creators. Then after we were disposed of, we were given life by It.”

Miala: “It? Who’s ‘It’?”

Godessa: “Well, more like a what my dear, though we call ‘it’ and ‘him’ for them interchangeably. Yet we gave it a name, We call it Quandam.”

Miala: “What’s that? He or it made you?

Godessa: “Yes and no.”

Miala: “....what?”

Godessa: “We think he made us, he must have had, or we couldn’t possibly be here. If you ask me why. I don’t know.”

Miala: “Ever try asking him?”

Godessa: “We try, and understand it won’t answer.”

Miala: “Well…. Okay, but what is he?”

Godessa: “Everything.”

- Interaction with the Human Pilgram of Determination

Quondam, as the Godverse calls it, is the All-Mighty Omnipotence that infinitely transcends conceptual existence and all aspects of being bound. It is a most mysterious idea that's never been completely understood by gods or mortals alike, with its entire presence being a mere theory and product of speculation. Inevitably the idea of Quondam has inspired religions and oaths to rise in its name.


Quondam is beyond conceptual existence. It was never was created, born, formed, or designed. There is no origin to something that is not limited by concepts like time, space, thought, power, existence, and nonexistence. It's infinitely beyond the entirety of all aspects. It is a presence as It never was 'before' or 'after' anything in any true sense. The narrative does no justice for The Omnipotence. It is infinitely beyond the narrative and the fandoms. However since it itself is beyond the narrative, that doesn't mean others don't stumble onto the idea of Omnipotence. With their infinitely lesser standards, they have their own personal narratives and stories regarding something which is All-Powerful. They gather together and create ideas from which they build off of their imagination. Always there is a fascination with Omnipotence. The idea of it being around is sometimes present, and sometimes it isn't.

The idea of an Omnipotence present was a totally foreign concept to TGV. It simply was rarely ever brought up as being viable. It wasn't because such a thing was inconceivable; it's because the various Gods of TGV had no reason to think about it. Here, only mortals speculated while the Gods fought, and cultures created their own mythos regarding the creation of gods. It was only until Ada, The Nigh Omnipotent being who advocated freedom, revealed her theory of an Omnipotent being around to a curious OC named Miala Myrrl within the AU nicknamed 'Forsaken!Tale about the truth regarding her and Fortran's creation. It'd turn out to be a mistake. After a few years of her unmanifesting within the AU, with the help of Fortan Miala would discover with her six sisters how to escape their AU and began a pilgrimage outside their reality to other unknown places.

Spreading the news of Quondams, and them being the self-proclaimed Messiahs, it started to begin an era known as the Time of Uncertainty within the Undertale Fandom. Arousing the Gods and other OCs into a great crusade of knowledge to find out where this Omnipotent was or resided. Not understanding how a truly all-powerful being worked compared to their feeble explanations and descriptions. Eventually, this would lead to a meltdown of many Gods and Goddesses who never knew what truly being all-powerful meant in the first place, and force them to act. They gathered their powers and together tried reaching out to overcome this supposed Omnipotent being. All attempts were unsuccessful. They could neither sense nor grasp any understanding of what Quondam truly was.

It was only briefly after the few years the Time of Uncertainty lasted, that a powerful custodian of the akashic records nicknamed Lotus would enlighten many portions of the Godverse to what Quondam actually was, and why they could never reach out or attempt to overcome its presence. Lotus was, at this moment, new to the entities who resided here. He was free from their broken narratives and their pitiful abilities which allowed him to both negate and subject them to his higher authority. Combined with this and both his keen intelligence and organization, he finally was able to convince everything of why Quondam reigned supreme over all things in existence. Purposing something he called 'The Great Design' as for one of the reasons why many characters who stated they had omnipotence, could never get on his level.

Lotus would explain what his take on the fundamental nature of Quondam was. Demonstrating what it actually meant for him to be so Omnipotent. It was stated that Quondam's 'mindset' and 'consciousness' is infinitely above all things residing in Godverse Making him infinitely beyond the absolutes. Including its versions of so-called Avatars. Quondam has no need for reasoning to perform any action on any level of understanding regarding the layers of reality. Not bound or restricted by something saying he cannot do it or has no reason. The ultimate solution to his nature was that he simply and fundamentally can.


Quondam has no appearance. Any descriptions associated with Quondam are simply inadequate. In truth, True Godverse literally invented the appearance, name, and the very theory of Quondam in order to seem closer to salvation from other TGV entities. The reason for the desire to be closer to Quondam stems out of worry against the other callous gods who are cruel, fallacious in logic, and have no true boundaries regarding what they accomplish in what is generally considered 'bad" morality. Quondam has become somewhat of a beacon of hope others follow, invented by the theocracy, in an effort to free themselves of the risk and danger of being at the whims of such selfish Gods.

Quondam is unbound. It is not nowhere, anywhere, or everywhere. There are no words that can bring to light the complexity and illogic. All is weak terminology and nothing said or worded applies to Quondam. Omnipresence, for describing Quondam, is itself a weak terminology and a feeble explanation of what it truly means for Quondam and nothing in the long run. Quondam is forever beyond the beyond.


No personality. Not bound to any concept regarding intelligence, reasoning, logic, or thought. The product of mentality originates from dimensionality, which Quondam infinitely transcends that concept. Even if Omnipotence has a personality, it's simply forever and absolutely infinitely above all concepts. A perhaps forever transcendent and unattainable mentality that infinitely transcends mentality. Unlike higher dimensional beings whose mentality possesses more dimensions or an outerversal being who transcends dimensions and therefore mentality, The Omnipotence is infinitely beyond all on a forever higher scale.


It is the English language and the mind of a human that cannot imagine, word, or fully explore the unattainable level of illogical and impossibility it presents. While, not only that, It’s the restrictions of language itself that are always defeated compared to the boundless and total understanding of everything and all things. It’s best not to think or over-analyze it. It's important to know just how vast the scope is of Quondams absolute.

There is no way to really get an actual true picture of what Quondam is capable of doing. The Omnipotence isn't bound by logic, therefore it cannot be answered using logical questions. Quondam is truly All-Powerful. All Powerful over everything and the One Above All who is completely transcendent of concepts like power, existence, nonexistence, destruction, time, space, and everything else on a forever level, an Infinitely transcendent level. Infinitely transcending the definitions and wordings of every literary element that does exist, does not exist, could exist, could not exist, and every imaginable and unimaginable. There are absolutely no limits. Even the idea of authority itself is but a mere tool in which Quondam may gently guide however it ‘pleased’.

The scenarios asking a paradox to Omnipotence fail absolutely. In theory, can Omnipotence make a stone so heavy even it cannot lift it? This paradox can be answered by Quondam through this one way: All things are subjective to Omnipotence. Nothing is free from it. Omnipotence transcends the impossible and illogical. If, in capability, Quondam forms the rock making it so heavy, even though he may not lift it, It creates a newfound loop that in no way is proving a limit to its power.

Now Quondam cannot lift the said rock until he wishes to transcend himself and therefore be able to lift it again. He can keep doing this, over and over, doing everything that is illogical or that makes no sense as an answer to the paradox. All things are subjective to Omnipotence. Not only that, but the paradox itself is based on human logic and reasoning, which Quondam infinitely transcends. He is in no way restricted by our language or our descriptions. Therefore he may go beyond whatever we are defining him as. Dissolving what once was absolute, into relativeness. Reality and Definition no longer mean anything in the face of All-Powerful. All is subjective to Omnipotence in all contexts imaginable, unimaginable, or even nonexistent.

Additional info

The many who worship/The Church Of Quondam

Think about all of these superdupergod whatever beings, and then look at the people, the normal people who suffer day today at the whims of unjust selfish, and mostly self-centered beings. All of these gods are focused on the other gods and higher beings or whatever and not on the people. It is due to this fact the so-called Church of Quondam sprouts up, showing their power and claiming themselves divine messiahs of their God. Through this, the church (Or it's more of a Theology Empire) preaches that one day, all gods will be wiped away, and Quondam will finally rid the existence of Fortran and Ada. Giving new dawn to a Mortalverse for all people to live in. Never again to suffer at the hands of such irresponsible beings.

This might not be actually accurate to what their Messiahs have in store for the multiverse or their ultimate goal in the long run. Ada says a few things regarding the so-called Quondamtheists and is universally accepted as a reliable source of information due to her benevolent nature. She often points out how the entire religion, is more of a cult than anything else. Brainwashing those who join, and subjecting those who don't to conform to strict laws regarding their daily lives. Sometimes sending them to courts and trying them for violating a law that sometimes seems silly or unfair, or potentially made up. Ada points them out to be potential frauds, but no one listens to her. Many of the mortal races are far too gone, and not only that, the mortals are losing trust in the Godverse deities to clean up their acts. They fear the dark gods, for there are so many that outweigh the good.

The Messiahs are channeling their powers from something other than Quondam, a mysterious force that cosplays as the All-Mighty himself. Many questions are left regarding the ultimate goal of this supporter, but one thing can be answered for certain: Whatever game plan this supporter has, isn't going to be good.

The Great Design

"The Great Design". The dread of many Characters and OCs within the True Godverse. Thanks to Lotus It is the common connection between everything in existence and beyond, a great 'web' that encompasses all of the Infinity with no limitations or restrictions to its reach. It chains the characters who claim false, incoherent, and nonexistent powers or abilities. Debunking most or half of all creations here.

Essentially it forces them to be enslaved not by their statements, but by their actual descriptions of what they can do and whether or not it could technically work. It imprisons them with their own inconsistencies as a character. Leaving Quondam to be the only almighty who exists here and throwing those beings formed by incoherent descriptions into irrelevancy.

It entangles and affects the so-called Omnipotents, the joke characters, the infinite powered beings who use numerical measurements like percentages, and all the so-called 4th wall destroyers. They serve only as a few examples of the implications and deeper meanings that are intertwined within The Great Design.

The Great Design cannot be overridden by anything. There is nothing that can be conceived that may alter or change this intricate web that gathers all characters together in one spot. Its influence is absolute.

What does it mean for the rest of Godverse?

No fictional work can be conceived that may overpower or overcome Quondam. No characters know for sure whether or not Quondam actually exists.


  • Quondam's name means "that once was; former:".
  • Quondam has never at all communicated.
  • Quondam actually has multiple entire religions based around him who design and make mythos about his role in creation (More info coming soon)