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"The world is cruel and fate is inevitable"



  • This character is not native to Godverse/undertale/AU... If you don't like this characters then please don't insult the Author or don't watch the page.


Arc 1: The Original (Pre-reincarnation)

In the year 10X,

Timeline: Overworld

  • There was once a young child that was frail, young, and born with albinism. She lives a pretty simple life, but one day, when that child is hanging out in the wood, she saw some smoke coming from her village, she started to run as fast as possible. But it was too late, when she come back to the village, she saw nothing but a lot of burned wood and some small smokes. "mama...pa-pa...are you playing hide and...seek with me?" talking to herself, she's trying to be confident and thought that's just a game by her parents made up...
  • In a moment, she saw her neighbors got covering up with chains, they got a lot of injured behind their back. the child is shocked and couldn't believe what she has seen. Her neighbor saw her and told her "Run...?̶̱̤͔̭̏͐͋?̴͎̩́́͜?̶̨̮̂..run as far...as possible". "wha-what are you talking about...I will...save you" said the child. "just...leave me...GO!!!!, JUST LEAVE!!!" said the neighbor. The child cried and they run as far as possible from the village, in a second, she saw a swordsman, preparing his sword and pointing it at the neighbor. The child couldn't watch till the end, she run...run...and run...
  • 1 week later. The child has gone far away from her village but her body was thin and hungry, she was desperate and cried...but nobody came...The sky turns black and rain. She found a random tree and sit under it. "mama...papa...it's...cold..." her body started to shiver and started to feel dizzy, the thunder struck almost next to her, she was scared and cold...
  • The next morning, she take her last breathe and passed away because of coldness...her eyes start to become soulless and her veins stop working...
  • But something happened, her body was dusted and reassembled itself in another place with no memory, she become emotionless with no nothing. she was reincarnated in a parallel dimension between ALL timelines and realms/dimensions, called "White Hall"


  • Waking up unconsciously, they seems to be confused because they didn't know where they were at, or why they were there, the only thing that they know was there surrounding was a screen of something they never seen before; static. they looked around themselves, only to find nothing. their mind is telling them to look at the static screen. Then, they realize something, the screen is touchable and knowing that they quickly contact with the screen. Eventually, they found out there were TRILLIONS or even INFINITE of events/possibilities and different choices and versions of them, flashing in front of her very eyes. The past, the present and the future. All lies in a flying rectangle screen. Then, they come up with an idea, "Since I didn't know anything, why don't I look at the events and places to know about it?", they said to themself. With that idea, they spent a lot of time searching for answers, as their observing became learning... and then that learning became researching, in a matter of months.

After being reincarnated for 5 years

  • They still lack the knowledge and skills but they are dedicated to learn new things everyday. They observes the events and the skills that people in the Overworld are doing, such as learning the world's dangerous "martial arts" and much more. In different timelines, there was magic, and they didn't skip any skills that were brought to their attention. One day, they were becoming curious regarding the idea of "power", and with that idea, they proceed to copy the strongest magic skills by copying it in the program of "The Screen". Once they took 1 of skills, they started to make a fuse with the skills. they put the code inside themself, suddenly they started to see a lot of code and words in their eyes, along with glitches and suffer the mental pain and physical pain. They screams and smash both of their hand onto the "White hall" floor, making a crack in the ground. The pain got away and they were still traumatized. They knew that once they fuse or absorbs the code or anything related to magic, it'll make them stronger but in return, they'll suffer the pain and the codes/experiences that fuse into them
  • A week later. They started to try renaming themselves, knowing that their identity had to be left behind. most people in the overworld have a lot of names, so they brainstormed a name that would stand out among the rest. After a couple of hours, they realized that in the Alphabet, the letter M is in front of the letter N, and they decided to name themself "Sams". After a few minutes, they looked at "The Screen" and observe every places on the earth such as Seven Wonders of the OverWorld, every country and ended up at the sight of a mountain peak, a place full of snow. They spend some minutes looking at the snow and a light bub popped in their head, "how about Samsnow" said to themself, "wait no that's too ridiculous, how about.....erm...Samsons. yea that's right, Samsons is my name now". Of course, the name did sound rather scuffed due to the additional "s", but the name would definitely last them a good while...

10 years Post-reincarnation

  • They've grown wiser and more grown-up, getting to know things such as "worldline codes" and becoming a prodigy of coding, martial arts, and magic, with the help of "The Screen". They made a copy of their civilization in the "White Hall", creating rules and law to protect the civilians, appointing "Royal Guards" as the policemen for the "White Hall". A happy life that has friendly civilians, with a city for every civilian to live in, a peaceful and tranquil place. Samsons is the creator of the place, they spend their time doing research, discovering new sources and whatnot, and bringing their civilians' happiness.

Arc 2: Dei Potentia (After being reincarnated for 15 years)

  • On a beautiful day, Samsons is researching the world codes and different possibilities, a tragic incident has come, they heard an explosion. Samsons quickly teleported to the city, they realized that a glitch entity that looks humanoid is flying around the city and absorbing EVERYONE in and making them turn into glitch people. They scanned the entity using the screen, but doing so they found out that ALL the negative emotions and thoughts, and BILLIONS of possibilities have gathered in one place; "White Hall". Samsons, empowered by this strange amalgamation, quickly made an attempt to remove the intruder by hacking into the system of "White Hall". But it's failed, as Samsons immediately got crippled and nearly lost their consciousness, their power drained bit by bit.
  • Samsons' vision began to blur more and more over time, but they were determined that they won't fall to any particular assailants, Samsons tried to attack it with everything they had, but it was useless, they lost their strength and their eye started to close slowly...
  • "Do not give up" heard by a mystery voice. "YOU CAN DO IT!" another mystery voice but higher pitch, "you must concentrate" voice with a lower pitch. Samsons realize it's their civilians' voice and they know that they must destroy that glitch thing no matter what. Samsons decided to sacrifice themselves by self-destructing themself and letting their city/civilians be at peace once again, the Glitch explode with Samsons and cease out of existence. Unfortunately, the glitch buffs the explosion and made it spread out even faster and bigger devastation to the point where it couldn't be calculated. Killing Samson
  • "Warning: The ascension will begin. Username: Samsons, is eligible to break through the limit and evolute to the Ultimate form, user Samsons can now break through the laws of everything, space-time dimension, The Box..." heard from nowhere, Samsons suffering the pain and they confused that where does that voice coming from. They exploded and EVERYTHING that ever existed is gone.... in an unexpected turn of events, Samsons was reborn by the matter, and was transcended to Godhood, but not without suffering the pain they absorbed, they began scream and cry, and even created 12 needles and stabbed themselves without a second thought... strangely, her subconscious had tipped the needles with a magical force, which was designed to sap away their pain...
  • Unfortunately, it only cooled down a bit and the pain was still there. They decided to make a circle barrier that heals the user in it. "It hurts... and I'm so tired. My people... I'm so sorry... please... forgive me". Samsons fainted, crying in her subconscious.

5 Years Post-ascension

  • Samsons awoke after a long nap and they woke up and ALL the pain that they has been suffering in the dream and in reality are completely gone. They stood up as the needles were no longer present. "...my people...rest in peace...", they said to themselves. They made some clothes using code-based magic and went through other Galaxies/Timelines for the new place for themselves to explore, research, and meet some people in different places. They also rename their place "White World"... this had begun an entirely new legacy, as outside the "White world", was something grand.


Before reincarnate

  • She looked like a young child...nothing really important.

After reincarnated

  • Same as "before reincarnation"

After reincarnated for 5-15 years

  • They look more mature a bit and they wore a black/white T-shirt inside and a white scientist coat on the outside and a white shorts

After ascended for 0-??? years

  • They wore a white jacket with a Grey trim fur hood, the hood is white and the back of the jacket has a Solar symbol, and a different star-like symbol on their Left shoulder's jacket, their jacket is long. Likewise, They wore a white/black turtleneck shirt, they also wore long white/black dress and a big white belt (not often).
  • Samsons "main" appearance is female, and "Sans" disguise is just for fun, they wore a lot of different clothes so don't expect much from them. Their eyes are pure white, along with the hair, they also known as "Beautiful woman" or "The pure.


0-15 years after reincarnated

  • They're a good person, kind and polite to own creation. A person that will protect their creation and civilian at all cost, a BIG heart person(even though they doesn't have one), who knows what people thinking about (not mind reading) by just looking at their expression, an empathy person.

0-??? years after ascension

  • They don't have any strong emotions, but deep within their heart is something indescribable. They don't care about anything or anyone in particular, and they'll ignore them once they try to start a conversation. Samsons never underestimates an opponent, and keeps their distance from everyone... Introverted, crestfallen, but hiding behind a cold, heartless shell.

Side information

The Screen

  • The Screen is a tool that helps the user to see Absolutely everything, anything that happened, will happen, won't happen, is happening. At first, it is only a static screen, it will work for the FIRST and only user that touched the screen for the first time. It can follow the user, disappear, and reappear anytime and anywhere.
  • It only works for the first user that ever touches the screen, but if anyone else has touched the screen, they'll be reduced to ashes. this is known as "Defend mode", which is something the screen uses in order for outsiders to not be met with the same fate as Samsons, and to prevent them from becoming Godlike.

White hall (White world)

  • White hall is a place full of emptiness, nothingness, a parallel dimension between ALL timelines and realms/dimensions, Its got endless lines of code and events showing at "The Screen". The power of "White Hall" is to create anything, everything, and even things that don't exist, only Samsons can control "White Hall" because they're the first person who touches "The screen", "White hall" cannot let an outsider come in and out, unless it got permission by Samsons, or get destroyed by a lot amount of powers
  • Samsons was chosen by White Hall because they're eligible to own the place, as it saw potential in Samsons.

After the Arc 2 and Samsons become the Ultimate form. The size of "White hall" was expanded and it can be equivalent to an endless space. Hence why it was redubbed "White World".


  • Simply the earth.

Ultimate form

  • It's a state where Samsons reach their peak, becoming the most potent being ever known.


(Note: I'm going to list some of their main power because Samsons can do more than this when they become the Ultimate form,)


  1. Grown: Samsons initially weaker than most of the gods, but being existed for an extended period. Learning everything they could to become stronger, they became more and more potent over time. But it doesn't stop here, the more they fight with someone stronger than them, the stronger they can get and start to exponentially grow to keep up and surpass the opponent.
  2. Wisdom: Being existed for a long time doesn't mean you can't develop knowledge. Observing everything and anything for a long time, They began to question it and spent a lot of time searching for answers, as their observing became learning... and then that learning became researching, in a matter of time. They can now know the essential and everything that exists and never existed.


  • One particular spell they learned at the beginning of their reincarnation, allows them to absorb objects and (in some cases) other individuals, temporarily giving them their properties. Once upon, Samsons will merge with said person/object, obtaining certain traits based on what was absorbed. Chances are, some properties may even be passed on as newfound abilities.

Impulsum nihilum

  • The strongest spell that Samsons ever had in particular. This skill is capable of wiping out absolutely anything and everything in her sight with a palm, the user will proceed to raise their hand in front of the opponent, making an impact on their body. First, the opponent will feel dizzy and heavily traumatic, after that, their body will crack into ashes slowly and cease to exist. (People destroyed by "Impulsum nihilum" do not go to heaven/hell, they will simply be erased completely. No afterlife, no reincarnate, just nothingness)

Nigrum Stella

  • One of the deadliest & dangerous skills that are hard to counter and is learned by very few. It takes the form of a black and white aura beam-like that has the potential to affect or destroy anything in its wake. Samsons has obtained 3 particular modes, with two of them being used quite often (or... rather rarely):
  • Parva offa: A fast beam that behaves like a bullet, which shoots even faster than the speed of light (can be faster), and it cannot be deflected nor absorbed, can shoot consecutively, it can change its direction and follow the opponents until it makes contact, and once it hit with something/someone. It'll cease them/it out of existence, making them dusted slowly. If the opponent tries to absorb it, it'll be an end for them.
  • Eclipse: A blinding spell, the user will proceed making a small energy ball on the tip of the user's finger that could be equivalent to a supernova with the strength of a black hole, it'll blind the enemy in a short time(30 seconds - 1 minute) if the enemy is not a god, it'll destroy their iris and injure their looking system.
  • Big Bang: A big range beam that can end the existence of everything, this skill needs to be charged like 3-5 minutes, once it is done charging, all of the existence that ever exists will be cease out of reality, including the Omniverse, Dimensions, The Box...Alike will be eradicated... simply put "The end".

Deus Aura

  • Eventually, they obtains this aura during 10 years post-reincarnation, which can be used to construct "White barrier", a dome of divine energy that will hurt opponents' willpower and will make those around it faint unless their willpower is strong enough. It can reflect any incoming magic, projectile, or physical attack, and deal insanely high damage whenever someone/something comes close. Deus Aura can also make a a cloud of smoke that can provide more power for Absorptus which makes the absorption more effective. It can also reduce the charging time and increases the damage/Karma effect for Nigrum Stella.

XII signa zodiaci

  • A 7'4 foot long needle made from the 12 needles they absorbed. It's the most important thing that Nigrum Stella skill needs, the needle-shaped can create/destroyed/make anything they can think of. Samsons can also spawn 12 smaller needles to be used as projectiles, in which their speed and range cannot be calculated to any grounded measures. as they impale their targets. once the opponents has been stabbed, they'll slowly lose their HP with the "karma" effect, as well as wounds from the initial injury.


CORE!Frisk - Friend

  • When Samsons is wandering around the Omniverse, they notice that there's a Timeline that is connected to all AU. They are curious about it and try to come through that Timeline. When they entered that timeline, they were introduced by CORE!Frisk, "Welcome to Omega timeline Samsons, this timeline can be entered by anyone, no matter where are you from. The amount of time you can spend here is unlimited" said CORE!Frisk, Samsons' suspicious them and scanned CORE!Frisk, they shocked by what they have seen, for the first time in their life, they met a "frisk" that have a huge knowledge by just observing the Multiverse and have tragedy past, just like them. Sams is interested that some people have a past like them, they asks to hang out with CORE!Frisk and they accepted, they talk a lot of things that a mere-mortals/monsters that couldn't understand, Multiverse event,... they sometimes carry CORE!Frisk on their shoulder for the beautiful views, they also introduced CORE!Frisk with their was-a-home world, "White World". They sometimes chat with each other and hang out in the "White World".

SillyBub - 🕆︎■︎🙵■︎□︎⬥︎■︎

  • ☠︎□︎︎ ♓︎︎■︎︎♐︎︎□︎︎

Ais/Eis - Cuddle friend

  • There's not much to know why they're friends...and the cuddle

Oneo - Acquaintance

  • Not much to know about how they meet each other

Hades/Code1 - Frenemy

  • Hades just accidently bump into Samsons without him knowing, He introduce himself but got ignored. Samsons eventually will stop him if he tried to destroy a timeline

Note!World Berdly - Acquaintance

  • No information

GOS - Friend

  • Samsons and GOS are friends even though they don't really know much about each other.

Omni code - Acquaintance

  • Omni code once meets Samsons, he underestimated and consider them a "stupid" person. Samsons don't care about Omni code, they ignored him instead, but Omni code feels frustrated because of Samsons' ignorance and tries to start a battle with them, but when he almost starts a move, Samsons is no longer there. (Samsons like Omni code's female appearance, his sans form is not)

Axel - Acquaintance

  • Axel want to greet Samsons with a hug, but they refuse and teleport away. Axel is somewhat annoying to Samsons because of his "2nd" personality, they prefer his polite personality more.

Malware [Gamatale, Copytale, Playertale] - Friend

  • Malware is the only living thing that the Samsons can be pleased to communicate with. For Samsons, she is something of a creature capable of diluting their free time. In general, at first the Samsons did not want to listen to her, and tried to ignore the malware. But nevertheless, she took pity after a while, seeing part of herself in her and, having listened to her ideas, accepted them. And that's how they became friends. By the way, Samsons once fell asleep on Malware or something like that (after all, Samsons are a three-dimensional creature that does not need sleep, but at the request of Malware, she made concessions)


  • Samsons is EXTREMELY hated someone that mentions their past life, as it'll piss them off... in some cases, it can trigger a state of fear that paralyzes them
  • Samsons is Asexual and Aromantic
  • They don't care about someone insulting them... unless they decide to go the extra mile.
  • Samsons is NOT a sans, they just like to be one because they thought it was interesting thing to do when bored
  • Samsons doesn't have a soul, nor a code.
  • Samsons like to be isolated
  • The "Samsons" name is similar to "Sam-sun", so their symbol is the black sun. And the sun is a star, and that's where the star-like symbols came from
  • Samsons will NEVER start a fight with other gods, they'll ignore them instead, but if it's a tournament, Samsons will NEVER hold back, making them brutal fighters. They'll fight defensively way and if the opponents showed their weak points, they'll quickly take advantage and end the fight. (
  • Samsons NEVER subjective and careless about anyone/anything in any situation
  • Samsons will see the other gods as an acquaintance, if they are interested in someone, they will see others as a friend
  • Samsons will not interfere with any events until they affect them
  • Samsons is NOT a JOKE character
  • Samsons prefer to be a female more than a male
  • Samsons is NOT native to Godverse
  • They don't have any gender
  • Samsons was a village child, they have albinism
  • They don't like being touched, and will avoid being touched in any sort of circumstance.
  • Samsons rejected their humanity, and their physical manifestation is just their disguise, their true form is somewhat a 3rd-dimensional type