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(the lord who was the first entity to appear in ut fiction, who only appear in myths amoungst godverse, no one has seen the creator's true appearnce with their own eyes, but the ones that really did are either the sealed, or was just trying to get attension. living as a mythicl being, no one knew that the creator after the grand creation event has faded into reality itself. only leaving a genisis appearnce to wander around godverse, observing everything that is happening, happened or will happen to godverse.)


have you every seen a god under incognito? - the creator to godverse's mortals



”a word decides fate, a drawing becomes the world, a phrase becomes the rules, a thought turns into the rules, that is what defines the abilities of "the creator""



"i don't make random statements about me being stronger than people, because im literally their father anyways"


"no matter how powerful or how broken you are, whoever you have in relationship or what sort of authority you own or could get, none of it matters. because in front of the creator herself, everything is but a child showing a crayon drawing to his father"

"不管你有多强,或者是拥有会灭各种神灵的能力,无论你拥有多大的人脉,也无论你在此世的权利和荣耀有多高, 在造物主的面前,一切都是花里胡哨罢了。 就好像一个幼子在他神匠父亲面前,展示给他一张自己使用他父亲蜡笔画成的画“

"嗯?你说你比本尊强?哈哈!好的孩子,你比我’强‘。“ -天尊给一位在自己设定上乱写的神的话


"the first entity in ut fiction who also created the entire godverse"

"king of gods, son of god" - refering to king godverse in 2021 before his story was made to be another entity's creation" (king godverse was supposed to be the creator's creation before, but changed for lore reasons)

众神之王,神的儿子” - 2021上帝宇宙之王的头街

The creator has no physical body under its robes, nor does the creator have arms of a feet, the head in its hood is only an image to make people see better, but in its clothes, the creator is only non but with existence itself

The creator was the first thing/being to to ever exist. the one who were known as the almighty creator to the gods, its title only appear in myths.

in summery of this character for people that dont wanna read the page:

I don't give a single shit about what you suggest your god is, nor do i give a fuck about if you believe it or not.

I am the entire godverse's father (mother too), deal with it


As the first being, the creator has spent quite a bit of effort on the creation of godverse, the creator after creation of godverse has melted with reality into one, only a physical form containing little but infinite amount of its original authority and power dwells godverse as a self concious being.

being the creator of the entire existence and the first entity in undertale fiction, he is practically the figure of god for the gods of godverse. the creator itself has blend into reality and gazes upon godverse from beyond the point of reality and existence

the creator, to gods is merely a legend that were believed to be the creator of godverse, at the moment is blended into reality itself after the creation of godverse, it has known to have placed a cosmic seal on the devourer of gods which many has feared, to gods, the creator is entity that they wished to meet even once in their life would be fullfilling for their existence.


as fiction's total master and creator, the creator is greatly known mostly as a supreme being beyond what could be thought by the gods, despite being quite feared and greatly respected by the gods, the creator itself is actully somewhat known as a...retard to the gods, although the creator was only seen by drawings of gods from what they would remember and recorded by the tales that passed down to the gods through godverse, the creator is somewhat misunderstood as either a great sage who could solve any problem and myths of godverse, or a complete retard that only knows how to create what it wants. the truth of the creator although cannot actully be described by mere words, the creator is simply just the one that was chosen and blessed upon the fictions unused near undertale.


Creator usually looks like a Sans, it wears a plain light blue robe that's tied by a white gem and it wears a plain white robe inside of its blue robe, creator's eyes are usually green with loops, and its pupils were some sort of symbol. the creator also has a staff that can control the matters of reality, the creator can summons it anytime but it doesn't use it that often. The Creator's kid voice sounds like a 15 year old teenage, but in ts core form, his voice sounds like an old man who believed its the end of his journey

backstory 1 - origin of godverse

"clone 7e+91, send him to the indie category named undertale“

”sure, where would you like this clone to land?” said a certain creation of an author

"since some parts arnt accessible to me, just land him in an unused fiction of that part"


tsk* a doll was picked up from the fictional tree drawn by its author once more time, with a predrawn design, it was tossed down to the space next to undertale's fandom.

"clone 9e+17 huh... since its in the place next to undertale, lets name it 'sans' shall we?"

"sure, why not"

Tick-tock (real life time by the way)

Another 'minute' passed, or does time even exist in this fiction? The fiction of ut is covered by darkness yet darkness, nothing exists, this has gone for a long 'time' that doesn't exist, there was just nothing.

the empty fiction rends with silent waves, there is no existence, nothing at all......until a decendence of a unknown source of power, full of divine energy. with a voice, it echos throughout the entire fiction。

"the creation event, act 1, begin"

the divine power pour down through the empty fiction, filling it with space and existence. if a god was presence in the creation event, it would witness a green light, filling the fiction with symbols which will then melt into words that tells the tale of a place, ruled by gods. what is existence? is it purely a story that came true? or maybe some scientific reaction of the empty place's collision with some outside power source? maybe its a giant!that is so powerful it filled up fiction with its power!!!


the nameless artist, the very same nameless artist that appeared in a place outside of this newly created place, maybe even outside of fiction itself and into the real world has decendeded a source of reality, into this void, filling it with divine power which formed the very first sight of a civilization full of deities of sorts.

"right, creation event's over, what do we do with this remaining cosmic energy?"

"probably should gather it and leave it there, it should figure out what it can do in this place that it created"

you are for real..."


backstory 2 - phantom of the divine

from the far, cold, edge of fiction, the cosmic waves sounds the the wailing of a women

a small ball of light formed.

through asorbing every last bit of divine power

it started growing by 'time', as the ball of light was finally formed, it opened its 'eyes' it saw nothing; Just absolute nothingness.

"hey hey"

" who are you?" said the ball of light

"your author, you damn moron"

"why am i here? why did i suddenly appear out of nowhere?"

"you serve no purpose"

"but what am i supposed to do here?"

there were no answer....

The little ball of light is scared, it started wandering around, but where can it go? No one knows....

"see? you got the hang of it"

"the hang of what?"

"wandering around of course"

"huh? what do you mean?"

once again, no answer....

the little ball of light soon also found out he can control every last thign in godverse, as it its water flowing down its arms in a shower, it found out it can make a lot of different things, time, reality, zones, and a lot of others, this little ball even started to expant the concept of fiction itself. once godverse has truely finished construction of the little ball of light, it gave itself a new outfit, a skeleton wearing a blue robe, and make itself a staff that can manipulate everything within the concept of fiction. after all the creating, it grew tired (even though it had infinite mana) it went into The timeless capsule, in the unstable zone and fell asleep in the core, which it calls it 'the timeless capsule'. as it wonders in its sleep, what will it see when it woke up?

as it slept, its core slowly melted into the godverse, becoming one with fiction. the gods of godverse later gave the ball of light a title of "the creator" and seen it as an absolute being beyond their imagination, as gods wander past the timeless capsule, they will often stop at the shrine, and pray to the creator to once again awake in order to restore balance throughout the godverse and end what all starts from greed of the gods that turned against their vows from the prayers.

all thats left to guard godverse

is really just a phantom that is titled "the creator"


Mental Manipulation

The Creator can manipulate any creature it wants, their thoughts, powers, consciousness, and memories. this makes the creator able to weaken or strengthen anyone it controls, it makes the creator easily able to distract or knock out anyone, even the gods cannot resist to this power


Due to The Creator as the first being that exists, he/she is immortal, can't be erased by anything until the next creator is passed on or it self-destructs along with all its creations.

Reality manipulation

as the creator, he/she can manipulate or change the reality of any dimensions, it can change anything into other things as it wants


Able to change an au as it wants, but much more efficient than anything else

Total annihilation

This move creator uses the most (when the creator is lazy and does not want to fight) creator uses the power to wipe out the object it's thinking just in a snap and the object will be wiped out of existence

line of beginnings

the creator calmly swings its staff once, creating a red slash wave that effects the environment of the entire ut fiction, the ones hit will be force-sealed upon reality with the absolute authorities of the almighty creator. unless the god chosen is unwilled by the creator. this move is used to seal gods in place and bound them to the cncept of fiction itself, until now, the wraith of the sealed gods thrive to bring calamity to other god's life,the only one that has ever managed to get the creator's approval to tore a hole in the sealed space is none but the devourer of gods itself.

ending line of eternity

the creator made this move through staying in the darkness of the yet-uncreated godverse for omega infinity amount of 'time', the creator has made a move similar to the cruelty of the past days. the creator breaks the prism of its staff and launches it across godverse, and at the end of the prism's flight, the creator shatters it with a swing of the staff handle, causing all sealed gods with all kinds stored power to release its calamity onto godverse. do not ask why this move exists, light and darkness must be balanced anyways

wraith cannon

it's just like a cannon that all gods use, but from that, its shape of a prism and shoots out an impossibly strong beam when the prism opens up, it's estimated to one-shot any enemy when got touched

creator made a nickname for them: one-shot

beam of purifaction

Creator summons its staff of reality and charges up a beam of light, when shot out, anything touches it will lose its rage or corruption, or simply just turns into a puppet under its control

beam of total wraith

once the creator reveals its true form (if it's raging) creator will summon a giant prism using the staff of reality and charges up a beam, one the beam is released, it will destroy up to a few dimensions, but usually, the creator never use it because it destroys stuff and the creator will feel guilty

Doomsday XII

Creator self destructs, bringing down everything it created, and after a long 'time' a new creator will be born, and everything starts again

Unseen Strings

creator shoots out a bunch of invisible strings from its empty sleeves, and anything touches the strings will immediately be under the control of the creator, no matter if the victim is a god or a mortal, no one can resist

A word decides everything:

a simple sentence or phrase by the creator becomes reality, that which defines its divinity...

A painting creates a dimension:

a simple art of paint is drawn onto fiction, which chains the creation of power and authority over reality itself, that which defines its abilities...

A text worth more than the divine:

from the creator's hands creates legends, to even which the gods cannot see its true meaning, that which defines its wisdom...

a thought alters laws of god:

a thought, an imagination of the creator will change the flow of godverse, and changes the entire place, that which defines its authority....


only a couple beings remember t̷̡̳̏̈́͐͋h̵͖̐͊̈́e̶͇͋ ̸͖̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ ̵̦̤̰̞͛̆̇o̵̝͙͕̯͛f̵̲͈̾̈̄͋ ̴̨͈͇̦̅ă̶̛͔̘l̸̝̯̈ͅl̶̘̐, these are the only beings that are often visited/watched over by t̷̡̳̏̈́͐͋h̵͖̐͊̈́e̶͇͋ ̸͖̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ ̵̦̤̰̞͛̆̇

  • 4th breaker z!sans (as one of the only beings that can jump through dimensions, 4th is the being that got visited by t̷̡̳̏̈́͐͋h̵͖̐͊̈́e̶͇͋ ̸͖̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ a lot, the reason is because 4th holds extraordinary powers as he is also the guardian of the fictional dimension)
  • the devourer of gods (as the corrupted greated creation of t̷̡̳̏̈́͐͋h̵͖̐͊̈́e̶͇͋ ̸͖̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃, the devourer is still wondering around the dimensions full of unstabe vengence, he seeks around the dimensions trying to find c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ to start another fight.)
  • destruction sans (adopted son, and crowned as a fiction lord after he achieved godhood and got noticed by the creator)
  • final checkmate (made as a fiction lord due to being the lucky chess piece of the creator's main body.)
  • contract (a fading meteorite piece the creator saved in the first reincarnation of the creator, the ex-right hand man of the creator)
  • infinity code (trapped in his prison and yet still planninghis ultimate plan, infinity code is aware of t̷̡̳̏̈́͐͋h̵͖̐͊̈́e̶͇͋ ̸͖̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̞̃ interrupting his plan, because c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ is the one above all beings, c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̞̪̃ easily has the power to annihilate him, ̸͖̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ is also aware of the destruction he is going to cause)
  • alpha!sans (as alphatale gets destroyed, alpha!sans not only lost his life and his au, he also lost his brother, creator totally has the power to recreate alphatale in a snap, but its fate what worries t̷̡̳̏̈́͐͋h̵͖̐͊̈́e̶͇͋ ̸͖̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ ̵ as fate is the only thing that c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ ̵̦̤̰̞͛̆̇cannot get it right, so creator can only visit poor ol alpha!sans to keep him company, even though all he has is only a piece of code and a wondering lost soul.)
  • core!frisk (a child falling into the void is something that dosent amuse ̸̚c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃, its the unusual amount of light core frisk has that made creator notice core, as creator always visit the omega timeline, the reason is because c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ can both visit core frisk and protect the timeline at the same time, c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ has pity for core frisk is because c̷̩̭̥̑̈́ȓ̸̬͆͛ę̵̗͕̋̊ạ̵̫̿̆t̸̤̰̰̬̾͑́͝ŏ̴͓͇͖̙̃̄̕r̵̨̞̪̬̃ thinks that a child shouldn't be holding up the responsibility of a whole universe.)
  • ink!sans and error!sans (as these 2 fights for the fate of the undertale multiverse, it creates unstable energy everytime the power of creation and destruction clash, and creator always get annoyed at repairing the damage they made to that multiverse, thought the fiction lords do it all the time too)
  • Geno!sans (same as core!frisk, creator has pity for geno is because he survived with determination and pain only for papyrus,so creator always come talk to geno as a voice)

True form (also known as L.I.G.H.T)

This is a form no one ever seen before, only the creator sometimes reveals it's true form when the creator is in a big fight. this form will only be revealed by the creator if the creator released more than 1% of its power. in this form, the creator will turn into a ball of light like just when the creator was created, this form's powers are mostly unknown, but, surely, the creator will be able to destroy anything in its path, no matter immortals or mortals will be wiped out of existence if it got hit by one of the creator's powers. this creator will also reveal this form when the dimensions are in danger of getting destroyed. the damage output will be (this amount of numbers will take up 3 pages so I'm not gonna say it) per (lowest possible definition of reation time). but yet no one ever saw the creator's true form before, and also the creator's true form can only release 100% power in the 4th dimension because the 4th dimension is connected with another fiction...


Creator has two weaknesses: one is creator will always be emotional, you can hurt the creator by destroying something important to it or make it depressed or lose its confidence, second is if you destroy something, the creator will always feel guilty and think it's his fault for not protecting it

other than these, the creator is practically another way you can say "god"


Corrupted code sans (best friends)

A LITERALL LEGEND and literally best friends with tc since they got drip

4th breaker z sans (adopted kid)

creator’s trusty guardian

The fiction lords (adoptive kids)

the ones worthy to be crowned as a fiction lord to look after the godverse


Creator has once created many gods or deitys before, there are 3 types of godsit created from lowest (the ones on top) to highest/strongest (the ones on bottom)
  • deities
  • basic gods
  • lesser tier gods
  • lower tier gods
  • gods with power to create omniverses
  • gods that rival outerversal level powers
  • high tier gods
  • the 8 lords of fiction
  • the devourer of gods
  • KIng Godverse
  • clones of the creator
the gods names can be added by any one starting here:SS808

The 4th dimention


The creator's past self

if you're wondering what happened to the 11 creators before this one, well the answer is, they have been sealed as inner chaos of the creator


Creator I

creator 1 was the first of the creators's personalities, the time his ruling ended wasn't its entire fault, it turned out fine for creator 1 to look over the dimensions, but as time flows, creator 1 got bored at everything, so it tried to pull out its core to play around with it, little did creator 1 know its core is very fragile and yet cracked and shattered when creator 1 pulled it out of its mana shield

More TBA

Creator II

creator 2... creator 2 was the dark one because when creator 2 popped up, it got used to the darkness of oblivion, as it creates one thing, it destroys it immediately, soon creator 2 got bored as it destroyed it's own concept, ending up with creator 2 sealed away

Creator III

creator 3 is mentally unstable, because of all the creation and the real life time it needs to pass, creator 3 freaked out, as it freaks out, its core's energy also got unstable, therefore it concealed itself away for hope of another persoanlity to take over

Creator IV

creator 4 had the closest personality to the current creator, creator 4 was almost perfect. but just because of one little death if it's a friend: alpha-sans made creator 4 into a crippling depression, as time passes, creator 4's passion for creating fades, leaving it into a distorted memory of creator 5

Creator V

the 5th creator was just a part of creator 4, its creator 4 surviving with a fragment of its core, creator 5 did not get a chance to create anything as the devourer (devourer of gods) ending up having creator 5 changing into another personality

Creator VI

Creator 6 started perfect, made all its way to creating the devourer of gods, but the mistake it made it took out 99% of its soul to make devourer of gods, so after the devourer got corrupted, the creator was forced to change by its creations

more will be added


the creator has wandered around ut fiction in real life time ever since 4 years ago, and an eternity of godverse is promised due to the immortality of the creator


  • * the creator is addicted to sweet food and does not know why
  • * the creator is said to be the devourer's father figure
  • * the creator is the only being ever existed that can wield the mana shield for as long as it wants
  • * the creator often likes to become invisible and play with error sans's dolls
  • * the creator is so powerful that it can created another dimention in just a snap if it likes
  • * the creator is the first being ever existed
  • * the creator's kid form has depression ;-;
  • * creator does not know why everytime it transforms into its female human form and wonders around the surface, humans from that world likes to creeply follows creator and take pictures of creator -\(:/)/-
  • * creator can't be controlled in anyways
  • * creator is immune to manasickness or stuns and paralize
  • * if creator was touched by a mortal when creator deactivates its mana shield, it will immediaty glitches the one who touches it out
  • * creator swore it will never abandon the dimentions
  • * creator is very interested with core!frisk's history and likes to visit the omega timeline often
  • * creator can see alpha!sans and sometimes likes to talk with him even though alpha is a remaining code thats wondering around the mutiverse like a ghost
  • * creator never killed anyone
  • * creator could have restored alphatale easily if it wanted to but creator never did because it wants to see what will happen
  • * the 4th dimetion creator created is endless, so any creation or destuction wont affect it
  • * creator is neither on the side of light (good) or dark (evil)
  • * creator beleves light and darkness is the same thing and need to be balanced
  • * creator has spread 8 orbs that each contains 1% of creator's core around the mutiverse and right now the orbs are floating in space, none of them was found yet
  • * if the 8 orbs creator created gather together, a speicial event will happen
  • * creator's outer robe is undestructable
  • * underlust sans always likes to stare at creator whenn creator is in its female human form and creator still dont understand why
  • *creator is also addicted to coffee
  • *creator's female human form and male human form's top part of their hair represents the 2 parts of yin yang
  • *creator's favorite aus are alphatale, inktale, dreamtale and underswap (A.I.D.S)
  • *no matter how strong you are, creator is always stronger because if creator has been overpowered, its power will also mutiply itself until it overpowers the overpowerer
  • *creator's normal form is designed and drawn by cat in a tree
  • *creator will do anything, even destroy a whole dimention just for devourer to turn back
  • *creator will only visit an au if the main character catches its attention
  • *creator and 4th breakerz!sans has a long story that goes all the way back before the mutiverse was created...
  • *creator wont ever kill anyone
  • *creator warps around reality and fandom, if your lucky enough creator might appear behind you right now
  • *creator's usall size is about a classic sans's height
  • 天尊出征了5个月,现在已回归本维基