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Welcome to the TGV wiki! This is a place where Gods and Goddesses roam and collect over the vast fictional verse; many battling for both personal ideology and attention in our ever-growing Pantheon. Some beings here range from simple world-destroying to massive beyond conceptual abstracts that defy the order of logic itself. So go wild and join in this wild ride of purges and conflicting faiths. Though all of this isn't for simple petty fighting! For there is a massive expanse of Mortal Verses which dwell, as the name implies, mortals! Some fear the ever-growing chaos of existence as the mighty pantheon battles for their relevancy, while some build worships around these beings as they idolize their viewpoints and existences. It's hard to imagine, but that's the life they live. Take into account their existence. For as the battle grows more extreme the Mortals will slowly lose their faith in the higher beings, and seek new salvation which will prove a KEY to their continued survival.
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